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    I unlocked a thing in AC2 and now I can't find anywhere to unlock it. Help?
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    If you've not already you need to link your game account to your UBi account. You can do this by accessing the Uplay server, press Y/Triangle from the games main menu.

    To redeem points for rewards access the Uplay server ingame (as above) and access the points/ rewards tab found within the options
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    dude.... kleaneasy.. your my hero. ive been fighting with this for hours and all i had to do was hit Y...
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    but theres one thing i dont get, it keeps sayin uplay at the bottom of the screen between some missions and does dat mean ive unlocked some points? oh and one other thing,how do i access the uplay server?
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    oh wait ive accessed the uplay server but my other question still might need answering
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    never mind dat question as well, when i hav more ill post em ?
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    i redeemed my points for the wallpaper, and it says that its available in the ps3 downloaded content file. i didnt know there was such a file, says its in the ps3 system menu???
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    The question i have is about the xbox 360 is i cant redeem points through the game i have to do it online and i seen it online when i first signed up for UPlay but after unlocking new points i cant log into the UPlay online website what am i doing wrong?
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    waar kan ik uberhaupt mijn punten vinden ?
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    i have the same problem but for ac3 on the wiiu
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