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    Since my first post in the demo feedback thread I have now played the demo about 60-70 times along with my younger brothers. I still think the game is amazing and will definitely buy it anyway. But certain problems and functionality improvements have come to light that I initially missed or didn't include in my original three pros / cons post.

    So here they are:-

    1. Freezing
    The game has locked up on about 6 occasions, once while trying to resume a game but mostly on the top level when you shoot the barrels on the second story scaffolding and the bell begins to swing. Another time I held in Y to bring up weapons selection, instead of doing this my MG36 was dropped on the ground and a FAMAS appeared in my inventory but not in my hands. I then tried picking up the MG36 again and the game froze.

    2. Framerate
    Can be really poor especially when there are multiple enemies and explosive devices going off at the same time.

    3. Area Transition Stutter
    When entering rooms or moving between areas, there is often a nasty stutter that feels like the game is about to lock-up.

    4. Dark World Object Textures
    Lots of world objects are either poorly lighted or have poor quality dark textures. For example the wheelbarrow and mounted machine gun on the top floor.

    5. Lighting
    The lightening in some areas is a little too dark.

    6. Loss of Controls
    Don't know how he did it but my younger brother managed to screw up the controls so that it wouldn't allow him to use a ladder, aim, switch weapons etc. He could order his men around and move himself but that was about it. It was his first game and he was messing about with the first ladder on the top floor. Ordering his men to use it and calling them back etc. This prevented him from making further progress and forced a restart.

    7. Missing Textures
    The rear sight on the AUG doesn't appear to have any texture applied. Also there is a bug that if I replace my scoped 552 and then pick it up again it loads with some of the textures missing. Dropping and picking up again sorts it out though, but not the AUG.

    8. Loss Of Sound
    Certain sound FX or music are missing when starting a new game. The most notable is the NV running sound which often was not their when playing a new game.

    9. Suppressed Firing Sound
    At certain times my suppressed pistol firing sound was replaced with the standard non suppressed firing sound even though the pistol was still silenced.

    10. Overly Loud Sound FX
    In the small terrorist room with the lockers and radio. The sound FX for the lockers when a character bumps into a detached locker door is seriously loud and really annoying when one of your team-mates decides to stand right on top of one.

    11. Enemy A.I
    In the terrorist garage room with the two vehicles. The terrorist on the walkway often fails to react even when the room is cleared with frag grenades and all his team mates are slaughtered right in front of his eyes. I was even able to walk right up behind him and inspect his gear before putting a bullet in his head.

    12. Pistol Firerate
    The firerate on the pistols feels a little bit to slow.

    13. Unlimited Pistol Ammo.
    Why do the pistols have unlimited ammunition. I like to manage the ammo for all my weapons, and this makes me feel a little invincible. Also who is going to pick up a replacement pistol if they have already obtained the most powerful pistol in the game that never runs out of ammo. Its very unrealistic as well.

    14. Night Vision / Terrorists Can See In the Dark
    Terrorist can easily see me yet I cannot see them when wearing NV. The terrorists aren't even wearing NV goggles so I should be able to sneak right up on top of them. I realise that the night visions range is reduced by the smoke from the fire but the terrorists seem to be able to detect me through this smoke anyway. Though they cant when a smoke grenade is popped.

    15. Thermal Signature Doesn't Match The Fire
    The burning rubble at the bottom where the bell falls, does not look like it is on fire, you can see the heat distortion but there is little smoke and flame. When using thermal goggles the heat is registered very high. If the fire is really that big it should give off more light and much more smoke.

    16. Bullet Penetration
    Bullets do not go through the tall wooden boxes on the top level.

    17. Partially Empty Magazine (Realistic Mode Only)
    For this mode I would like the game to sort partially empty magazines back into my inventory rather than refilling the mags to full capacity every time I reload. Magazines with the most number of rounds in should be used first. Though all magazines should be loaded to full capacity at re-supply points. Picking up dropped enemy ammunition would sort into the inventory with partially empty magazines being replaced so as not to exceed the characters ammo reserves.

    18. Red Crosshairs (Normal Mode Only)
    For the realistic mode the crosshair should not turn red when passing over enemy targets. I know a lot of games have jumped onto the band wagon with this feature and for most gamers it has gone unnoticed, but really there is no need for features like this, It is totally unrealistic and does not improve gameplay in any way. It feels like the game is taking away some of my choice by telling me it is okay to shoot. Also when enemies are hidden in the shadows it gives away their location.

    19. Expanding Crosshair (Normal Mode Only)
    For similar reasons as stated above this feature should not be applied to the realistic mode. I prefer to learn the recoil and bullet spread characteristics of my weapon of choice by myself without the game helping me with that annoying crosshair expansion. Too many games have jumped on the band wagon with this feature also. And as I said above it does not improve gameplay and is an unnecessary distraction when in a fire fight. Give us a simple red dot or circular crosshair that is static and does not animate for realistic mode please.

    20. Cover Mode Crosshair (Normal Mode Only)
    As gh0st24 said I think it would be better if the crosshair only appears after you aim / pop-up from cover. At least for realistic mode anyway. It does seem a bit unbalanced and easy to target enemies that you should not be able to see until you pop-out from cover.

    21. Cover Mode Magnification
    TPV cover mode and FPV should have the same amount of magnification when zooming in with weapons. Also I think it should switch to FPV (aim using the weapons actual optics / sights) when you click the right thumbstick to zoom like it does when your not in cover mode.

    22. Too Many Suppressors
    It seems like almost all the weapons can be suppressed. It would be better if the number of weapons that can have suppressors attached was reduced.

    23. Reflex Sight Dot
    You cannot see the red dot when in thermal vision mode. (Not really sure on this one so until anyone more knowledgeable on the matter has anything to add I will keep it in).

    24. We Want Our M4A1.
    Or the more modern M468 or HK416. I want to use this weapon in single player and not to have to wait for a downloadable version that can only be used in multiplayer.

    25. Co-op Split Screen.
    Please, please, please let us see our on screen weapon when in FPV.

    26. Throw Grenade Button.
    This should really be switched to the RB instead of NV. Not sure why I keep pressing, but I am still killing my own team every now and then after playing the demo over 60 times.

    27. More Vibration.
    More vibration when firing weapons etc.

    28. Enemy Tactics and Spawning.
    Would be nice to see the enemy have a bit more variety in the tactics they use and the locations they spawn from. Also sometimes it seems like they have spawned out of thin air. I know they have but it should seem like they are reinforcement or that they were always there to begin with.

    29. Quick Draw Sidearm.
    It would be nice if we could quickly draw and fire our sidearm. This should override reloading with the currently equipped weapon and quickly draw the pistol ready for firing. Maybe a double tap of the Y button could be used or just make it so that Y toggles between pistol and rifle instead of toggling between the two primary weapons.

    30. Team-mate Healing.
    Team-mates should be able to heal the player. They can heal each other, so there's no reason why they shouldn't be able to heal us. The time limit should be quite strict though, it doesn't need to be easy, just a small chance at cheating death.

    31. Salvageable Ammunition
    The amount of salvageable ammunition is too great. This needs to be reduced significantly.

    32. Blurring.
    I hate the overuse of blurring. People with HDTV's that have a poor response time already have to deal with their fair share of blurring, so maybe an option to turn this off please. I am not referring to when you get shot though, this looks cool and should stay the same, as its easy to tell you need to get back into cover quickly.

    33. Exchange Weapon With Team Mate.
    I would like the ability to exchange my equipped weapon with my team mates equipped weapon like in Halo 2. Would have been nice to give the MG36 to my explosives expert in the demo.

    34. No Sound FX When Picking Up Ammo.
    There is no sound effect when picking up ammunition. The sound of Logan releasing the magazine from a discarded weapon might sound good.

    35. Shootable Lights.
    Its too late now, but it would have been nice if you could shoot out the lights.

    EDIT: The majority of the issues, especially the more buggy concerns where probably already fixed by the time the demo came out but I thought I would include them anyway with the exception of stuff the devs have already said they have fixed, like the sound of the NV/thermal goggles.

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    the demo feedback thread is still pinned to the top of the page, you should have added this stuff there.
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    I didn't want to upset the mods. They said to post only 3 positives and 3 negatives, so I thought it would be better to start a new thread.<div class="ev_tpc_signature">

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    I agree with the topic creator on this one. There's alot more than 3 negatives and postives about this game.

    Besides the amount of feedback the topic creator posted, another thing I didn't like was enemies being at the same place and popping out of thin air when advancing towards the same specific areas. Another thing I didn't like was the linear level design. Again, they made Rainbow Six into another "point A to point B" game. Can you say scripted?<div class="ev_tpc_signature">


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    I agree with a lot of the points you make, most of them would be improvements.

    I just want to say, they didn't ask for three things for no reason. Its the same reason in after action reviews, every squad submits three sustains (positives) and three improves (negatives). The reason is, if you don't you just get a whine session. Yeah, I think they know that more than three things can be improved on the demo, that's not the point. There's also more than three positives to the demo, but they didn't ask us to list those ad-nauseam.

    You listed 35 negatives and not one positive.

    Everyone treats the demo like its the final game. Everyone complains about no mutliplayer demos. Do you realize they pull the dev team people off the GAME to make these demos, and then all people do is complain. They shouldn't even bother with them half the time.
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    I decided to add all the positives I could come up with so the devs do not think I am bashing their game in any way. Also this is the first rainbow game that has really got my attention enough to make me join the forums. I have played all the other rainbow games and was never all that impressed with them. They where good but not great. This game on the other hand is amazing and even if none of those things in the above list are implemented I am still gonna love this game for a long time to come.

    1. First person view. (At the top of the list for very good reason)
    2. TPV cover / situational awareness mode.
    3. Intuitive controls.
    4. Team mate A.I.
    5. Enemy A.I. (Apparently these become much smarter as you progress through the game)
    6. Aim down the sights with crosshairs sway.
    7. Weapon models.
    8. Character models.
    9. Superb Animations.
    10. Realistic environments with plenty of cover.
    11. Customisable weapons.
    12. Ability to pick up enemy weapons.
    13. Selectable fire modes.
    14. Gadgets.
    15. Quick throw grenades.
    16. Vision modes.
    17. Excellent Weapon sounds.
    18. Atmospheric story and setting.
    19. Great characters.
    20. Non-cluttered HUD.
    21. General sound FX.
    22. Destructible environments.
    23. Danger system (regenerating health) works very well.
    24. Co-op gameplay.
    25. Customisable characters.
    26. No cut scene briefings - all in game.
    27. Great balance between tactics and combat.
    28. The way Logan points his weapon down when targeting friendlys or in front of obstacles.
    29. Vaulting over walls.
    30. The whole rappelling system.
    31. Detachable / attachable suppressors.
    32. The smoke effect from smoke grenades.
    33. Game physics.
    34. Game lighting.
    35. Intuitive orders system.
    36. Alternate reload animation for empty chambered weapons.
    37. Mounted MG's have to be reloaded and the operators can duck behind them.

    I could go on but I think you all get the point.

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    I disagree with the point you made about too many weapons being suppressed. I like being to suppress a wide variety of guns. The choice is awesome. If I want to suprress G36, I should be able to do so.
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    I agree with almost everything you stated... and i think he knows this is a demo... but these are things he/we would like addressed before(or after) release... there may have been things in his list that were overlooked.. but i thought you were right on... the pistols in ba are perfect!! react pretty much just like mine at the range/field, ld and ch? wont even go there... this one.... just not right...
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    I disagree with the point you made about too many weapons being suppressed. I like being to suppress a wide variety of guns. The choice is awesome. If I want to suprress G36, I should be able to do so.
    Actually I do agree with you about the customisation of the weapons. The problem as I see it is that all the terrorists are carrying around suppressors for their weapons. I find it highly unlikely. So it would probably be better if just the weapons that the player starts the mission with could be suppressed. In other words all the weapons still have suppressors available to them, but only the weapons the player has in his inventory at the re-equip stage will be outfitted with them. Reaching a re-supply point could then allow the player to obtain a suppressor for any newly acquired weapons. Unless the terrorists weapon was suppressed at the time of his death in which case the weapon could be suppressed straight away.<div class="ev_tpc_signature">

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    Wow, those were some well thought out suggestions. I would never have thought them up myself, but as I read them, I was nodding my head.

    You did a great job of not presenting them in a complaining manner.

    Also, cabbage.
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