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    Hi Assassin's!

    Please use this thread for single player gameplay feedback for the latest game in the AC series, Revelations.

    Do not post spoilers of any kind in this thread!

    Use this thread to say what you like and what you don't like about the game, but please do not go into detail about the games story line.

    Many people may get the game after release, so do not post any spoilers!

    If you wish to chat about the plot or gameplay in detail - do so in the AC Hints and tips forum

    Spotted single player bugs? please report them directly to Support - and use the bug thread here!
    Singleplayer bugs!

    Multiplayer bugs? you want this thread!
    Mutilplayer bugs and issues.

    Want to talk about multiplayer game modes or give feedback on them?
    Multiplayer feedback thread

    Anyone posting gameplay or story spoilers may have the post removed and face suspension - so please do not risk it!

    What can you talk about?

    Graphics, sound, variety, your enjoyment or lack of it! and many other things!

    Anything as long as it does not risk the enjoyment of the game for others!

    Remember your feedback will be read by the team, so please make sure your posts are concise and to the point!

    Thanks for taking time to post and your understanding on spoilers!!

    The Forum Team
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    ability to remove all armor if you choose to?
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    Originally posted by Grandmaster_Z:
    ability to remove all armor if you choose to?
    Ubigabe told us why they can't give the option to remove armor. I'm not exactly sure what he said though. If you look at the assassins creed youtube channel, and look for the videos he did when he was in PAX, than you should find your answer.
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    I'm up to sequence 2 it's amazing and anyone who wants to watch walkthroughs don't seriously.
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    Open question to all who have the game:

    What about the combat system?

    Have they made it balanced and fair this time? Do your enemies actually have some hope of leaving a dent in your armour? Because in the original game, decent AI would have made the combat system AMAZING, but the enemies were morons. In AC2, they made the enemies more diverse, but still ******ed, AND they made you MORE powerful, AND they broke the combat system's balance, but the continued enemy stupidity made that ok. In ACB, they broke the combat system MORE, but in a different way, and added more complexity to the enemies while still making no AI improvements.

    So how does the combat system work. Is there a guard-break attack like they had in AC1 and ACB (which was a STUPID oversight in AC2)? Is it skill-based like in AC1 (unlike the broken spammable kick in ACB)? Do counters require timing again? How about combo kills? Or can you mash the buttons like crazy and hit it every time like you could in AC2 and ACB? And the same goes for the killstreaks... They only added them in ACB, but it was EASY to just mash the attack button while pointing the left stick at the next guy you want to kill, then occasionally throw in a counter when someone tries to fight back.

    I REALLY want to find a reason to play Revelations, but after seeing what Ubisoft did to ACB's multiplayer, I'm unlikely to bother with much of that side of ACR, so the single player better be an ACTUAL improvement. Rehashing the same mistakes and occasionally throwing in a few new ones does NOT make the game better. Please tell me Ubisoft have made SOME good decisions here. Please?
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    great game so far. I was focussing on the story mode so far, so not very much to say right now:

    - game's looking exceptional great, wonderful work by the designers!

    - concerning the Animus Edtion just a short question: soundtrack sample, seriously?!

    (apart from that: soundtrack is as genius as ever - as is the encyclopedia)

    - change of controls: needs some training but perfectly valid additions/changes - thanks for that!

    - tower defence: nice addition, didn't "used" it that much until now, so not that much to say about that

    all in all: great game, wonderful story, beautiful city (as always )
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    I wrote an e-mail about this to ubisoft but I thought I'd post this on here as well to see if anyone agrees with me.

    I'm in Sweden and I guess that's why the on screen commands and instructions are in swedish.
    This has been the case with all AC games and it has become a pet-peeve of mine. Why isn't there an option to choose on-screen language? It's available for subtitles, why not of this kind of stuff? Not only does it impair my experience but in Brotherhood for instance the instructions were so poorly translated it actually told me to use different commands than I was supposed to (I got frustrated and looked them up in the strategy guide) Please please please make a patch for this.. I know it's not a major issue but still..
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    The game lacks on Singleplayer side content (in other words, Story is alright), and by content, I mean in quantity, and only a few in quality. The ones the quality could be better are the Bomb missions. Master Assassin missions are long to be sidemissions, and are perfect. You could have done something similar for Bombs, giving a bigger mission instead of just "toss at". So I really suggest adding more Ezio side stuff.

    Also, I was looking forward to see Ishak Pasha's memories. I only collected 10 pages. The armor and Hidden location is good, but really, the Scrolls of Romulus could be read. I was expecting to see Turkish Assassin impressions.

    Also, I don't understand why Masyaf and Capoddocia can't be accessed by ship. I'd patch that, at least Capadoccia.

    I'm enjoying the gme, but if those could be added, it would beat Brotherhood. Because the game has potential.
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    Just finished the horse carriage mission...

    I have to take a breather... it was terrible.

    Aside from that, I can easily tell the secondary weapons button will be very useful.
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    @Nightmare8767:The Ishak Pasha part of your post, that's a spoiler. Thanks for the warning

    Some pros and cons so far (part way through sequence 3)

    - The new robes look epic in assassin white! Best yet. But why no black?

    - I'm absolutely loving the bomb crafting and the bombs themselves. It's so satisfying throwing one to lure in ten guards then blowing them all up at once.

    -The city's atmosphere and appearance is the best yet. The first view point I went up, I just sat there and looked across the water at Hagia Sophia and the rest of Konstantiniyye with the awesome music this series has become known for (it was a specific "soft" song and if I can figure out which one I'll point it out). And I loved it, until the music stopped.

    - I'm liking the hookblade as well, it comes in quite handy in many situations.

    - Den defense, I've only done once so far and it was quite fun. However, as someone else has mentioned, it seems it could get boring quick.

    - The competing guards thing is pretty cool.

    - Stalkers are cool too. I like hearing the whispers in SP and having to watchmy back.

    - I like how we get to know a bit more about subject 16s side of things and how, well, you know. I'll leave the spoilers out

    There are probably more pros but I just can't recall at the moment. There will probably be more to come as well as I am only part way through sequence 3.


    - This first one is one I simply cannot believe. Why in God's name did you all not fix the 100% sync!? What are checkpoints for if they don't take you back to where you were, sync requirements included!? Honestly we just need a manual save system. I'm pretty POd bout that so I'll just move on and hope you all decide to finally do something about it

    - No black robes. Why not? It should be the opposite of assasin white, black with white trim and red sash.

    - There seems to be some corners cut in some cases. A lot of the civilians' dialog are the same amd some even saying 'oh look florins' when you throw money. Other example are some of the database entries. This is somewhat minor I just hope this type of thing (cutting corners) doesn't become a habit.

    - I'm still very early in the game but there doesn't appear to be a way to replay memories from the DNA menu. Is this just an oversight because what am I supposed to do if I fail 100% sync and don't start the mission over immediately?

    [This section may contain spoilers]
    - <span class="ev_code_WHITE">The Desmond missions, though considerably fun, are also a big let down. Perhaps it was wrong of me but I expected a lot more. I mean, a few words and some fuzzy pictures on the wall? That's pretty lame. I, as well as others I'm sure, thought we would actually get to see some stuff or even play some parts but no, it's just a couple of pictures on the walls. What I think it should have been is we do what it is now simply to get to parts where actually get to play or even just some cutscenes. I was kind of disappointed to be honest.</span>
    [end of spoilers]

    I'm sure there will be more cons (as well as pros) to come so be sure to stay tuned.
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