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    Anyone clans out there that use ventrilo for any game and need a server - we have a free one for all to use!


    Feel Free
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    Hey I would love a Vent if you could get that for my clan. How many slots is it?
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    well... my friend and I just started a new clan for cod2 and we have a server but no vent and that would really help us if we did.
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    Why not just use TeamSpeak? It's free and the sound quality is very good.
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    By the way Radical TAG your it! LOL

    Thanks for your time!
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    ok does any1 have a free vent vhannel for other pople to use that actually still works?
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    Originally posted by pyrothe:
    ok does any1 have a free vent vhannel for other pople to use that actually still works?
    Actually follow the link in my signature line rabiddog-gaming offers free private and public ventrilo.
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    hello i am an active clan member in a game called kuma war
    our clan is called K2 http://www.k2clan.net/K2/index.php
    there are also other clans within the game that we battle against
    we all have our own ts
    i am after a ventrilo room called "kuma clan match admin"
    this will be used for all known clans to have 1 to 2 representives who will have access to this room
    they can run this with there ts clan server and whenever looking for a match they can come into this room and wait for another clan to offer
    thanks for listening i will check back for your responce
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    Free 200 slots ventrilo server.
    If your clan/guild needs a channel, e-mail: admin[at]esports[dot]ro with the following infos:
    Your name:
    Your nick name:
    Channel name:
    Your desired channel admin password:
    Channel user password(if needed):
    For what purposes will be the channel used:

    Thats all. Enjoy!
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