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    Henry easy? o_o I beat him on Bitter mode. It took me like 856 hits to kill him. His instant kill move is scary.
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    The hardest is defenitly JASPER BATT JR... damn it.. it took me like half an hour to beat him in second form...

    The easiest should be NEW DESTROYMAN... Shinobu is really powerfull and just took me like 5 minutos to kill him
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    Bad Girl on Bitter is a ****ing *****.
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    Shinobu was pretty tough for her ranking, killed me 2 or 3 times before I was able to stop getting stuck on those stupid pillars and beat her, but Destroyman hard? unless you are talking about New Destroymen then he is cake, New Destroymen however, are pretty darn hard, mostly because the controls of Shinobu were pretty screwed up, if you weren't used to her screwed up way of jumping by the New Destroymen fight, like me, then it was pretty tough, just getting to some of the enemies as Shinobu was hard.
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    in NMH1 its the magic guy in
    NMH2 is new destroy man and jasper batt jr
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    Shinobu on bitter is horrible to beat. Jeane's pretty bad too. Took me a while to beat those two.
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    so far in my play through i never had a hard time than with dr peace him spamming his guns hate that guy but holly summers is a close second
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