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    Due to the issues with Cliffs of Dover we are currently remaining with IL2 1946 modded.

    We are currently operating as the Legion Condor during the Spanish Civil War as we have "restarted" our pilot personas since finishing our previous run through of the war.

    We have recently also upgraded to Teamspeak 3 which from TS2 which has really helped with clarity of communication.

    Within the next few days will will also be shifting from UP2 to the recent Release candidate of UP3 and will likely be getting ourselves a new Bf109 since our B2's are getting a little long in the teeth now.

    As always we are welcoming new pilots for both the Fighter Staffels and the Bomber staffel from across the globe. As a CO-OP squad we pride ourselves on teamwork and this has really been shown through recent operations in Spain with many pilots both old timers and new recruits constantly demonstrating keen teamwork abilities both in the air and also keeping the Gruppe's bar tab paid up!

    So if you're looking for a truely international CO-OP squad that flies the BF109 and the JU88 - check us out at www.iijg53.com
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    Hi all,

    Just a quick bit of information to everyone:

    II./JG53 is currently recruiting Bf109 and JU88 pilots from around the globe. We are currently operating using IL2 1946 modded to the latest Ultrapack 3 release candidate (with our own enhanced AI mod since the current version uses stock AI).

    We are a group that has been around flying actively since 2006 so we are no fly by night squadron, if you'll pardon the pun, and have a dedicated membership currently numbering around 40 active pilots all of various experience and knowledge, all of us share the comraderie of flying together and enjoying this simulation as a team.

    We are looking for pilots from all over the globe as we have staffels to match the vast majority of time zones:

    Weisse Staffel is the European staffel flying at 20:00 (London) time on both Tuesdays and Sundays.

    Rote Staffel is the USA and CAN staffel flying at 20:00 (US EST) time on both Tuesdays and Sundays.

    Gelbe Staffel is the Australian and New Zealand staffel flying at 20:00 (WAST) on Wednesdays and Sundays.

    Our Kampf (Bomber) Staffel operates across all three time zones and is a recent addition to our group. It operates in the same missions as our main fighter staffels however the amount of interaction between fighers and bombers varies dependant on the mission briefings for each element, sometimes it is a close co-operation, other times we head in different directions to one another to complete different objectives.

    This CO-Op campaign runs the length of the war, including the Spanish Civil War as we are operating over right now with each pilot persona being tracked.

    Ultimately providing Cliffs of Dover is improved and becomes a stable platform we are looking to switch over, however this is quite a way off at present and even when we do switch to the new engine we will only do so when the vast majority are ready and able for it; upgrading as a team. If there are those unable to upgrade we will of course make provisions for them to continue flying with us alongside the CloD missions by opening an additional staffel flying as similar as possible campaign to our actions in CloD.

    So, if flying with a friendly bunch of like minded chaps sounds like your idea of fun then feel free to check us out at www.iijg53.com

    Hope to see you in the virtual skies soon!
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    II./JG53 is still looking for new recruits to fly the Bf109 and the JU88.

    We are currently in the opening stages of the Invasion of Poland in Easrly September 1939 and the war is going well using Utrapack 3 with the added benefit of having a co-owner of SAS as our technical officer and several other modders amongst our number,

    We are always welcoming in new recruits from all over the globe, our three main time zones are Europe (Weisse) which flies official missions on Tuesdays and Sundays at 20:00 London time / America (Rote) which flies at 20:00 US Eastern time on Sundays and Tuesdays / Australia (Gelbe) which flies at 20:00 Melborne time on Sundays and Wednesdays.

    Alongside these times we having training nights, unofficial flights and hyperlobby flights as such it is very rare to jump on our teamspeak channel and find that there is nothing to do.

    So, if you are interested in a co-op teamwork based squadron then please check us out and see if we are right for you.

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    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    II./JG53 is currently discussing the options with reagrds to upgrading to Cliffs of Dover, as such we are opening up recruitment for Cliffs of Dover alongside our current Il2 1946 recruitment. Even when the group converts to Cliffs of Dover over the next few months we will maintain our presence with an IL2 1946 modded Staffel to parralel the activities in our campaign in CloD as closely as possible to enable those unable or unwilling to migrate to the new engine to continue to enjoy the II./JG53 experience.
    As such any pilots, Cliffs of Dover or IL2 46 modded, are welcome to join us a the present time.
    Hope to see you in the virtual skies soon!
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    Merry Christmas from all of us over at JG53.

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    Merry Christmas to you Valantine and all the members of JG53. I hope Santa brought all of you everything you needed plus a few things you just wanted.

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    II./JG53 is now accepting new recruits across all time zones. We have recently created an entirely new training programme based off of our Training Staff's experience with the highly successful Joint Ops programme. As such all new entrants are required to participate in the Basic Flight School in order to graduate into one of our main Staffels and begin operating in our official campaign missions.

    The first "Class" will be beginning the Basic Flight School very soon which will consist of 4 sessions on a Saturday evening commencing at 19:00 GMT. Places in this class are running out fast with only three seats remaining. If you do not secure a place in Class one please feel free to sign up still, there will just be a little wait before Class two commences.

    We recruit pilots from across the Globe for both the Bf109 and the Ju88. Our group is primarily a BF109 group with Weisse Staffel operating out of Europe, Rote Staffel operating out of the USA, Gelbe Staffel operating out of Australia and our Kampf Staffel flying alongside the three main fighter staffels as pilots timezones permit. Obviously if you are assigned to one Staffel you are most certainly free to fly with the others as and when you are able to do so.

    If you are a Bf109 or Ju88 pilot within the Cliffs of Dover game engine and fancy flying a co-operative campaign that spans the entire war (currently performing operations over France in early June 1940) with a bunch of friendly chaps from various places across the globe then please feel free to check out the JG53 website found here at www.iijg53.com

    Please note, as a group we no longer support IL2 46 - although many of our members do continue to fly IL2 46 online via hyperlobby as a group all of our missions and training are conducted in the Cliffs of Dover game engine. Please feel free to look around our website and see if we are the right group for you, if you have any questions then the public area of the forum can be posted on without registration where we will answer your questions as best as possible.

    I hope to see you in the virtual skies with us soon.
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    Only two slots remaining in Class one of the Basic Flight School.
    Training will be commencing on Saturday 11th at 19:00 GMT so to ensure you get on the course you'll need to sign up as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

    Please remember that II./JG53 is now only supporting the Cliffs of Dover game engine, as such we cannot accept sign ups requesting to fly IL2 46 in any form.
    Hope to see you in the air with us soon!
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