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    JG53 is about to launch it very own Pilot's Manual!
    So watch out for that announcement very soon!
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    JG53 March Newsletter:

    Hi everyone,
    I hope this message finds you all well!

    A couple of important messages in this one:
    First up, the battle of Sicily has really heat up of late, it looks like we will be pulling back to Italy some time over the next few weeks. When we reach Italy it is very likely I will start opening up discussion regarding the possible change of theatre.

    We have also had a large roster re-organisation, both within Stab and within Weisse. So congratulations to all those with new positions. It is also fantastic to see so many new recruits! Our numbers have certainly grown since some of veterans were last seen!It is also really encouraging to see these new recruits sticking around! Lets hope for continued growth and retentions of members!
    It is also extremely encouraging to see some old members creeping out of the woodwork! It has been far too long since I saw some of you! Although there are stil la few of you out there that havent been heard from in a while.....

    Rote is getting VERY close to being fully up and operational. We just need to iron out the last few bugs and then we are ready for Rote to be running their own missions in their own time zone! I hope to see a lot more of you American and Canadian chaps being active once that happens! Weisse turn outs have been around the 12-16 mark the past month but I am sure Rote will get similar numbers very quickly!
    Gelbe is struggling right now since a lot fo chaps are busy with real life things, but I'd like to urge all members who are able to make the Gelbe flight times to turn up and give it a go flying with the lads down-under and help them engage the enemy on a bit more favourable odds!

    I'd also like to congratulate all members on how well thigns are coming along, the comms and teamwork are steadily improving even with so many new chaps in the air, teamwork is especially strong in some of you so keep up the good work! And remember to invite any of your IL2 friends, associates, pets or loved ones if you feel they may enjoy what we do here at JG53. The more the merrier and all that!

    I would also like to take this chance to mention that updates for the JG53 mod pack are currently under review, we are testing a LOT of new additions ranging from new sounds all the way to new aircraft, realistic wind and weather and a tonne more!
    The next update will also be a complete package since several members experienced difficulty with the patching process - this will be one nice easy download and install rather than messing about with lots of seperate files. Watch the announcements for more detils in the near future!

    Now onto something that is BRAND NEW:

    For a little while now Otto and I have been working on gettings a pilot's manual put together, primarily for new pilots so that their first few weeks within the group are a bit smoother as they will have all the important info at their finger tips rather than having to search through countless forum stickies etc.

    However, I got a wee bit carried away and have compiled a huge 10,000+ word Pilot's Manual that covers pretty much all aspects of flying with II./JG53.

    Since we have gotten a lot of new recruits recently who are still getting settled into the group, and a few old hands who have returned after a period of absense, I would like to urge ALL members of JG53 take a look at the Pilot's Manual.

    It is the first version of it, and it will definately be updated again when I next get a chance to do so - since even whilst typing this I have realised I've left out the landing pattern, TS Whisper mode setup and a few other things ontop of a few spelling mistakes, a few strange formating bits and the bit about experten skins being repeated twice!It makes for a good read and I am 100% certain that everyone who reads it will find out something they didnt know before!

    This pilot's manual is to become standard issue to all new JG53 recruits.
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    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    JG53 is progressing very nicely and we are continuing to grow. Due to the large volume of sign ups Stab has taken the decision to create an AWOL section on the roster, when moved to AWOL a pilots page will be kept for a period up to 3 months, if after this 3 month period is up the pilot in question has made no contact with us via the forums, email or private message that pilot page will be deleted meaning that if that pilot wishes to return to JG53 in the future they must start from scratch.
    This can easily be avoided by informing us that you will be away for a certain period, and if possible give us a rough guess when you will be back. If you no longer wish to be a member of JG53 let us know so that we can place your pilot page in the Retired section giving you a place of honour in the history of our group as well as leaving your pilot stats safe for any possible return.
    At the moment I have only moved Flieger Kadettes to the AWOL section. These are people who have signed up with us but have not made any progress towards completing their training or joining in missions. Please get in contact and let us know if you will be back or not so that we do not keep spending time trying to get in contact with you. (List at end of this email)

    I do have to say that our turn outs during missions over the past 3 months have been fantastic, in general we get at least 12 pilots airborne each mission. Rote will be starting up missions very shortly and both Weisse and Gelbe are continuing to go strong.

    We are welcoming new recruits all the time and the majority of which are maintaining activity and are progressing with extreme promise.

    We are also in the final stages of testing the version 1.2 of the JG53 mod pack and I have to say - it is looking fantastic! We are looking at a release some time over the next 2 weeks and unlike the previous version this will be a very easy one to install since it is a complete version and not a "patch".
    We are also finishing up Sicily some time over the next few weeks and commandis currently looking at our next area of operations.

    That is all for now,
    I hope you are all well and to hear from any of you inactive chaps soon.
    I also look forward to meeting any new recruits who see this and sign up.

    Flieger Kadette Erich Thomas (Weisse)
    Flieger Kadette Navon Balsman (Weisse)
    Flieger Kadette Mitika Ehrlichmann (Weisse)
    Flieger Kadette Hollander Kraaijer (Weisse)
    Flieger Kadette Ronald Von Braunnschweiger (Weisse)
    Flieger Kadette Nicholaus von Schwede (Weisse)
    Flieger Kadette Franz Weber (Weisse)
    Flieger Kadette Darcy von Nowotny (Weisse)
    Flieger Kadette Kurt Welter (Weisse)
    Flieger Kadette Werner Eichmann (Weisse)

    Flieger Kadette Ernest Amsel (Rote)
    Flieger Kadette Pancho Kaiser (Rote)
    Flieger Kadette Michael Schmidt (Rote)
    Flieger Kadette Maxer Stotzer (Rote)
    Flieger Kadette Erik Kruger (Rote)
    Flieger Kadette Sebas¨Harthman¨Fiset (Rote)
    Flieger Kadette Jaime Schmidt (Rote)

    Flieger Kadette Erik "Doc W" Landwehr (Gelbe)
    Flieger Kadette Erich Von Stalhein (Gelbe)

    (If your name appears on this list YOUR position in JG53 will be lost unles you get in contact with us soon)
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    Sicily is coming to an end, so voting is commencing on our next area of operations! Experience has shown us that the start of a new theatre is great time to join the group!
    So come along and see if JG53 is the right place for you!
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    Good day everyone,
    I hope that this finds you well and enjoying the onset of summer!

    This is probably going to be a longish one, so bear with me on it.
    First things first, our new theatre of operations has been voted for, and the results see us transferring to join in with the defence of Smolensk on the Eastern Front. We expect the Soviets to be much more of a worthy opponent than the previous times we have engaged them (Stalingrad/Crimea). We expect to see a lot of improved fighters and ground attack aircraft as well as a fair portion of interesting and varied missions.
    We aim to resume Official missions on either Sunday 26th or Tuesday 28th April 2009. More info on this will be announced later this week on the forums.

    Equally, command has a very pleasant surprise for us! We are to swing past the Bavarian/Austrian area just north of the Alps in order to receive a few days rest whilst also refitting to the new and improved BF109 G4 variant. This variant is very much like the trusty G2 in both terms of handling and armament – it does however have an improved radio set, non retractable tail wheel and something I know many o will be happy about – larger tires to help with those rough landings!

    Right now we are also looking for a dedicated ROTE (USA/CAN) host so that we can get that section back to fully operational status with missions hosted in a much more suitable time frame. We aim to have this done within the first few weeks of the new campaign providing all goes to plan. However we need all the input we can get from our American and Canadian members to help us ensure we get the right times and days so as many chaps as possible can make it to the missions as possible.

    We are also running a bit of a competition to get a brand new and most glorious recruitment video made to help give possible recruits a better idea of how we operate and the teamwork ethic we all enjoy.

    We are also very pleased to announce the latest version of the JG53 Mod pack – Version 1.2
    This is a COMPLETE and EASY to install package since the feedback from the 1.1 patch process indicated that a complete install would be much better for the vast majority of our members. This pack contains a whole new range of things from aircraft and maps to more realistic effects and sounds.
    Here’s the details:

    *** JG53 Mod Pack ***
    V1.2 April 2009
    Compiled and tested by II./JG53 Stab with assistance from AAA community

    ************************************************** ********************
    1. Use only the "JG53" mod pack.
    2. Altering the mod pack may stop your game from working. Therefore further alterations are not allowed.
    3. If caught cheating it is an immediate expuslion from the group.
    4. If caught using non "JG53" pack mods you get a warning, on the third warning you will be expelled from the group.
    5. The mod package will be re-evaluated every few months by Gruppe Stab to ensure improving realism and compatibility.
    6. All feedback is welcome.
    7. Enjoy

    ************************************************** *******************

    You may install this modpack in two ways:
    - Using a Second install of IL-2 (recommended)
    - Using a Mod Enabler

    1. Using a Second Install of IL-2:
    - Extract Mod Pack directly into the directory of your second install
    - Run game, mod pack will already be enabled

    2. Using the Mod Enabler:
    - Ensure you have installed the JSGME Mod enabler from the JG53 Forums
    - Remove ALL previous versions of the JG53 Mod
    - Extract all files to the JG53 Mod in the Mods file of your Il-2 Sturmovik 1946 directory
    i.e. C:\Program Files\Ubisoft\IL-2 Sturmovik 1946\MODS\JG53 Mod
    - In JSGME, take a 'snapshot' of game
    - JG53 Mod will appear in the left panel, click the arrow to activate
    - Once mod is loaded, it will appear in right panel. You may now start the game
    - Once you finish playing, please deactivate the mod unless the installation used ONLY the JG53 mod pack as the JSGME mod enabler can on occasions jamm with mods on.

    ************************************************** *******************
    v1.2 Changelog

    - Modpack combined into one simple and easy to use install
    - Replaced file preventing Stuka dive siren from enabling
    - Fixed incomplete engine sounds i.e. Storch and Hs-129
    - Removed redundant preset files and samples
    - Adjusted force feedback level at takeoff
    - Fixed minor errors in air.ini, planes_ru.properties and weapons_ru.properties
    - Fixed bug in which wind sounds were heard in cockpit after switching from an open gunning position
    - Fixed file structure, so now compliant with AAA
    - Fixed reticle and skin bugs in 109s
    - Replaced B-17 cockpit with Rawner's B-17 pack as well as updated B-17 plane model
    - Spitfire Mk 1 crash fix
    - Zuti Slovenia map updated to final version
    - Corrected Fw-190D-9 Late model
    - Updated static plane list
    - Correct Me-410A cockpit

    New Aircraft
    - Bf-109E-1 and Jabo
    - Bf-109E-3 and Jabo
    - Bf-109E-4 Trop
    - Bf-109E-7N and Trop
    - Bf-109F-1
    - Bf-109F-2 Jabo and Trop variants
    - Bf-109F-4 Jabo and Trop variants
    - Bf-109F-4/R1 Kanonboot
    - Bf-109G-2/Trop
    - Bf-109G-4 (new flight model)
    - Bf-109G-6 Erla (+ new loadout and flight model)
    - Bf-109G-6 Erla Late (+ new loadout and flight model)
    - Bf-109G-10 early (with MG151/20)
    - Bf-109G-10C3
    - Bf-109G-14 early (with MG151/20)
    - Bf-109G-14/AS (+ new loadout and flight model)
    - Bf-109K-14
    - Fw-190A-3
    - Fw-190A-5/U14 Torpedojager
    - Fw-190D-11
    - Fw-190D-13
    - Ju-88A-4/ Torpedobomber
    - I-153 2x BS
    - I-153 2X SHVAK, 1x BS
    - I-153 Finnish
    - Me-410 Hornise (A,B and D variants)
    - Mosquito Mk B XVI
    - Seafire Mk. II Merlin 45
    - Seafire Mk. II Merlin 50
    - Spitfire Mk XIVc
    - Spitfire LF Mk XIVe
    - Tempest Mk V 11lbs
    - Tempest Mk V 13lbs
    - Typhoon MkIb early

    - NewMatMod added plus McWolf's Decal shine - realistic default aircraft markings
    - SkinMod added, new default skins for some aircraft
    - Updated and fix flak and weapon effects
    - New reticles and textures in Bf-109 cockpits

    - Upgraded to SFX0.91
    - Complete redux by Anto, including numerous new sounds
    - Improved flak, explosion and weapon sounds from Battle Sounds Pack
    - Added Italian and French pilot comms

    - GW Default Winter Pack
    - N-E Libya
    - zip_alpen - Map containing entire European Alps (Bavaria, Switzerland, North Italy, SE France)
    - dlc_SpainSW
    - dlv_Sinai

    - MoonMod added to allow control of moon cycles
    - User Configurable Wind allowed for more weather variation in missions
    - Cert AI Mod v.30 added to greatly improve default AI
    - Bomb-Bay Door Mod added, allowing physical control over doors on select bombers (Mosquito, American B bombers, A-20 etc)
    - QMBPlus, to allow more variation in quick missions


    Contains following mods
    AAA Spitfire Mk V/VIII Pack
    AAA Beaufighter Mk X
    Rawner's Antenna Mod fo Bf-110G4
    Scharge Musik Gunsight Mod

    Planeshine1_1 (and Zero fix)
    Th!rdeye_Weapon_Effects (Thick smoke) v1.3
    vp_newshock v2
    Crater mod
    AAA Armament Reskins
    Zorin's Luftwaffe Ordinance

    NTL_Darwin_Small Map
    GW-Ardennes Winter
    vpmedia Default Map Pack
    Cannon's English Channel 1940 Beta
    Zuti-Slovenia Map

    Anto's Tempest Sounds v1.1
    IL2War-Sound-Mod-Pack_1.2 (edit)
    SFX 0.8
    Stuka Siren Sounds
    Urich Rudel's B-17 Sounds

    Patch 4.09b1m MOD
    AAA English Career Fix
    6 Degrees of Freedom mod (for TrackIR and Freetrack users)
    ************************************************** *******************

    More info and DOWNLOAD LINK can be found on the forums.

    All in all chaps I think that about covers it for now!
    I hope to see you all over Smolensk, especially the few of you who have been away for some time and our new recruits who have yet to report to the Luftkriegsschule after sign up.
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    We have just arrived back in the Fatherland and are refitting to our spanky new 109G4s. Although not eveyrthing is hunky dorey - we have just recieved word that we are to be shipped off to the Eastern Front near Smolensk!
    So why not join us and help defend against the Red hordes!
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    Apr 2009
    Flown the first 2 missons and loved it, am new to the squad but they are a helpful bunch of blokes and no matter what your experience will bring you up to speed. The story line of the missons are great and add what the original game lacked IMHO,combined with flying with likewise minded people its as good as this game gets, AI wont help like a mate will!

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    And a bump to let everyone know - Smolensk is turning into a really heated battle already!
    Why not come and join the fight?
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    Hi all, Smolensk campaign going strong, the red army is providing plenty of opposition, as Val said "come and join the fight"

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