Just when I'm pulling the trigger on a new system, this whole amd64 bit deal comes into play. Now i think i may just spend the extra $400 and move up to it. I'd like to wait and let the dust settle but i need to move when the wife's not looking and the check book is fat, so now may be the time. At least within the next month or so.

Problem is,... i had settled on the a NForce2(NF7-S) board with a MCP-T Soundstorm southbridge, now i see no NF3 boards have the equivalent, and in fact, the NF3 boards are not getting the great reviews that the NF2 has gotten. I'm sure they'll work out the bugs in the chipset, but has anyone heard that a nf3 with Soundstorm( or equiv) was coming out? I have not seen any info on that. I'm already risking her wrath by spending 4 or 5 hundred more then i told her i was, and now I'd hate to add a $100 sound card into the mix.