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    I would love an upgraded lost 2 game,I think it could have some serious potential.
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    my hope of play lost 2, is getting lost ...
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    At present - with the series coming to an end, there are no plans for a new title based on the franchise.
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    *A better freaking shooting system

    *no Bs traiding system I hated it honestly

    *No fuse puzzles >.>

    *open world exploration let us explore the island...

    *let us make our own character and have better interaction with the main characters.

    *be origional and show us somehting that wasnt shown in the show add to the universe.

    *better playible flash backs. Instead of taking photos why not something else that can some what alter the story. and the way the npcs treat you?
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    I think Ubisoft should consider creating a game much like lost as from whom I have come across there is a strong demand and ‘liking’ for open world games. This has scenery like lost and such a powerful, emotional and most importantly an interesting storyline/plot. Open World games let the gamer explore and discover different regions of the game, wither that is the world it is exploring or just the minor achievements and missions they can accomplish, and not the feeling that you have no choice but to do the mission or level of the game. Gamers hate it when they are isolated into one small area which looks onto an area which they want to explore. This is exactly what is in LOST: Via Domus. Games need opportunities and choices which lead the character into different situations, this is what the LOST: Via Domus fans want, a game which is not so secluded which leads to boredom.
    Ubisoft should consider creating a game which;
    - Most definitely OPEN WORLD
    - Has a similar setting to LOST, for example an island means the island is the only place to go as large quantities of land which has a surrounding which is completely pointless makes the game feel cheap and not thought through well.
    - Options and choices which change gameplay
    - A rainforest setting with minor buildings, which at some point you can access all buildings.
    - Transportation, such as boat minor vehicles and maybe aircraft such as planes and helicopters depending on the character and story (If transportation is included detailed damage is vital, not the vehicle just blowing up due to minor damage, as this causes the gamer to become frustrated)
    - A level and amount of health, armour and fire power (This also depends on the character and story)
    - No permanent ending, by this I mean the player may roam and carry on to explore the world without restarting)
    - Optional: Side characters to support the gamer along their journey and gameplay.
    I do hope Ubisoft consider my choices or take ideas into another style of game as I have thought through this. I am a gamer myself as well as a LOST fan, so I hope you do remake or create a game in the style of LOST: Via Domus.
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    Make LOST 2.... So you can pick who you want to play as to... Like Jack, sawyer, sayid, hugo etc. [U]Make LOST 2[/U]
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    Yeah they should make lost 2

    Where u can go on adventures with jack,kate,sawyer,charlie etc. And follows the storyline
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    New Lost Game >Lost MMO

    I think I have some creative ideas for a lost game that would be the way it was meant to be and fun

    One Main Island with smaller islands around it

    All DHARMA Stations

    1st person exploration Open World

    The Swan bunker would be the home for the main character <Every 108 minutes he must reset and after he resets it he can explore the island and also makes sure not to forget to go back to either reset the bunker or sleep

    Real Time Day/Night Cycle <Day (Freedom) Night (Hiding)

    The swan bunker would also be a storage access for any items the main character come across and also the bunker can replicate any materials/survivor items at the cost of currency. Once you rescue someone you can trade items to them for money and you can also assign survivors with jobs like trader, mercenary, etc.

    Anything else we could add to make this lost experience even better.

    The other thing is your objective is to survive but also to capture bunkers >I recommend the next bunker THE ARROR as it researches Defensive Systems Research where you can place defensive items on the island. Each bunker has a different research and whatever bunker you choose to capture will benefit you in some way. the on ly thing is the more bunkers you capture the more survivors you need as enemies will trey to take over bunker so you need a minimal amount of survivors for each bunker and also to research anything these bunkers require.
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    Where can I buy the game Lost Via Domus

    Originally Posted by Mr_Shade Go to original post
    At present - with the series coming to an end, there are no plans for a new title based on the franchise.
    And that's the reason why the game isn't available in the Ubisoft shop? Where can I buy the game Lost Via Domus?
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