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I assume you have all heard the music tracks in PoP:WW. They are mostly made up of heavy meta

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  • Yes - Bring on more Heavy Metal Rock in PoP3

    35 41.18%
  • No - UBISOFT should find a more appropriate/suitable substitute for Heavy Metal Rock in PoP3

    50 58.82%
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    i liked the heavy metal rock the lyrics were appropriate for the game but i prefer sot's music cuz it had the arabian feel to it
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    I think that it's not as simple as that. The music must match the mood, and the mood comes from the story. It's all interconnected forming one big whole. We can't just break it apart, replace some component, and expect it to work.

    I know that many of you didn't like the new soundtrack, and I respect that. I enjoyed the heavy metal and the ambient music, I think they matched the mood of the game.

    But I do like the soundtrack of PoP:SoT much more, and it was of the first things I noticed right away when I began playing the game. But then again, it was a completely different mood...

    This is why I can't vote on this poll. I can't say what would be more appropriate for PoP3 if I don't know the story.
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    Crouching.Tiger's Avatar Senior Member
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    you can make a soundtrack to a dark game without metal and electric guitars and drums as basic elements. one of my favourite games, alice, a game about insanity, chaos, misery and distress had an excellent, creepy soundtrack, made mostly with vocalists and toy instruments. just an example.
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    Yes, I think you're right, Crouching.Tiger. Now that I remember, the soundtrack for the Shelob's lair scene in Lord Of The Rings: Return Of The King is an excelent example of what you're saying. I think it would fit nicely in the Dahaka's chase scenes, instead of Godsmack.

    But I think that in these matters the personal taste of the developers plays an important role, after all they're doing it not just for the players, but for themselves also. You get a lot more satisfaction of doing something if you enjoy it as well. If the developers like heavy metal, and they think it fits well in the game, then probably the game will have heavy metal.
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    I totally hated the heavy metal music in WW, so no, POP1 music was ALOT better.
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    I loved the music in SOT! It was so beautiful, so I was really disapointed with the music in WW. Some of the music was nice, but when I heard the heavy metal I was like: Is this prince of persia?!
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    i really loved godsmack in the dahaka chases

    like if the dahaka gets you it will most definately smack an' all

    and the rock is just really god
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    Yeah they should bring the Aravian Knights theme back!
    *goes and adds to signature*
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    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>one of my favourite games, alice, a game about insanity, chaos, misery and distress had an excellent, creepy soundtrack, made mostly with vocalists and toy instruments. <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    Trent Reznor did the sountrack for Alice. The man is genius. I love that game - the music set the entire mood perfect, just like SoT's music did.

    The heavy metal did go, and at the same time didn't go, with WW. If they went less with the heavy stuff, and more soft ambient tunes, the soundtrack wouldn't suffer so much as it did.

    For the next game, more 'classic' music like that of SoT would suffice nicely. SOME heavy-metal would go too, such as in boss battles, as long as it flows smoothly with the environment.

    And please, please please please, let the tracks be long enough for listening pleasure. SoT's tracks lasted 4 minutes and more. The longest track that I listen to on WW's soundscore is about 3minutes or so, but it's just a variation on 'I Stand Alone' (and I'm not talking about the Dahaka-chase track, either, that too lasts 3 minutes). It's listening to the same music over and over again, which isn't really cool. The rest of WW's music is 1 minute & change. Not much in the way of a soundtrack. Which is sad, since the ambient music with the chimes in the menu is so pretty.

    You have to use the best of both worlds - compensate and adjust.
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