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    I know it probably will never happen but why?
    Not enough money for a part two?
    I wanna know.
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    Mixed reviews (some very negative) for the PC version, bad Xbox 360 port, disappointing sales (just a guess, don't have any data to back it up)?
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    I wouldn't mind if they were to give it another go.
    DM was a great game. not without its flaws but still great. And with today's tech, it could reach near-perfection. The only thing they'd need to do is to make controlls more responsive, make the inventory easier to manage, add some deeper RPG elements and work on presentation (it'd be nice if the attacks had some actual physical impact- condemned did this right, I'm sure DM can too)
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    a new mm rpg would be nice , even if its not dark messiah 2 , like 3do did with storyline going from might and magic rpg to heroes then might and magic and magic rpg again
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    A sequel to the DM would be very nice indeed. After all, "the fate of Ashan is not yet decided", isn't it?(or something). Since the combat system is very good (I don't say perfect, because ES V: Skyrm is gonna have dual wield with a spell and a weapon, or 2 spells or something, and that would be the only improvement I can think of atm, for DM), the only things left to do for DM2, so that it would be a much more successful sequel, are to add more RPG elements, such as: merchants, more craft-able items (in the same manner as DM1, which was very realistic), a world in which to move freely and more side quests. Oh, and possibly, skill points from killing a lot of creatures.
    I think that what hurt the most in Dark Messiah 1 was the very linear progress through the world, along with lack of merchants and quests.
    But, the first person feeling was unlike anything I've experienced, in any other game, and the extremely diverse ways to kill your enemies... Ubisoft, go contact Arkane Studios, and make a DM2, get your mind off Assassin's Creed for a moment. (btw arkane studios are working on "something" atm... says on their site)
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    Yeah liked DM alots especially kick mechanics..Kick near edge and enemy will fall into darkness,kick them on the spikes.And the best feature i havent seen implemented anywhere was kicking somthing big(like a table) and actaully killing demaging someone with it,+ you could be killed with ushed table to.
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    They should make a DM 2/Lomm 2. Lomm (Legends of Might & Magic) still has a strong cult following 10 years after its release through LoMM HQ.
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