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    Is Montreal involved?

    Cause Kingo wanna know.

    - K -
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    Kingo...we want a GOOD game. Please, no canadians involved. :O)
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    We Canadians are proud of the games put out by Montreal. In fact, where ever it is being made, if they do half as good a job as the crew in Canada could do, this will be the best game ever.

    *proudly waves Canadian Flag*

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    Isn't the answer Russia?
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    Wasnt Wizardary 8 made in Canada or did they just market it?
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    Canada is not *too* bad. They do have Wiz8, and that silly game Jayce is playing to their credit.

    Now, if the France gets involved, then we are all in trouble. I am still having nightmares from having to play "Captain Blood".
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    Ahhh but a question. Did Canada have a hand in Crusaders of MM?

    If they did, shame on you!
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    I was only joking about the Cannucks.

    And yes, wizardry 8 was made out of canada. Great game!
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    Shanghai are advertising for junior game designers.
    Of course that could also be for another UbiSoft game; I'll ask.
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    Kingo, what's with the steal, yo? Someone imposterizing you?
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