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    please if anyone can help my I play the splinter cell and I need codes for keypad locks in mission Chinese embassy I have problems with thermal googels
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    Are those gamecube codes the same as for xbox/pc?

    Here's all the codes for the xbox version, fyi:

    ****** <span class="ev_code_RED">SPOILER ALERT</span> ******

    Mission 8 - Chinese Embassy, Part II
    Keypad 1: 1436 (Main hall with turret)
    Keypad 2: 9753 (Toy company door)
    Keypad 3: 1456 (1st door to Feirong - thermal)
    Keypad 4: 1834 (2nd door to Feirong - thermal)
    Keypad 5: 7921 (Door to Feirong's office - thermal)
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