The main thing I loved abotu GR1 was the relaism... how you could sneak around and really take your time gettign ready to do an attack.

Then with GR2 that was replaced by fast paced "airplanes and bombs rushing by" type action which killed the whole feel of the first game. I will never forget how angry I was seeing those screenshots where you could see airplanes, bombs literally meteres from your head.

Do you remeber those depressing days in which all that would be discussed was the teaser video and comparing it to the first teaser video.. **** depressing days they were.. we had our hopes up by deep inside we all knew it wasn't going to be what we wanted.. it was like the PC commuity were the most vocal and the most ignored at the same time.

It will be good if they go back to the slower paced action but i am not holding my breath over it. I just cant imagine them doing a slower paced style action.. they probobly dont think it sells, or that its boring. I dont know why they didn't see what made the first one so popular and follow on with what the community wanted.

If they need to know anythign on how to make the game better they should realise that slower paced action is the way to go.. not bombs in your face and the "full scale war action" in a map.

Good luck everyone. I hope it comes out what we always wanted.