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    Well, for some reason, I ended up being able to install it to \farcry (instead of \farcry\bin32). Now, I'm not sure if this worked or not because while it was installing, I saw your post and went ahead and did that as well. But one way or another, it's at 1.4.

    Thanks a bunch!
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    Hello I have a problem. I love far cry but when i try to run the game it says Insert Correct CD-DVD ROM and i tryed to crack it and stuff but it still says that. Please help me... Thank you
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    Originally posted by Goodkupo:
    I bought the jewel case retail version of Far Cry. It came pre-patched on version 1.1. The game works fine untill I installed patch 1.3. It wont get past the splash screen. Im using the latest catatlyst drivers and i even used old drivers to try to get it working. I tried patch 1.31 and 1.33, still nothing.I really want to play the mutiplayer aspect of Far Cry but I cant do that without having to patch it to the latest version.
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    user name and password does it want?
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    hi please help i would really like if some one gaves me a few tips when i put the cd. in and agree to accept the license agreement i keep click next and next to install adobe reader 6.0.1 nothing happens its good but then when i go next it comes with this error-1603 fatal error during installation please help me please thanks,...,.,.,.,
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    there who are willing to share user name and password for the installation process far cry?!

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    after instlling the far cry 2 in my lapi,when i press the ****on 4 play far cry 2,its asking me the key...please help me out.......
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    headjob - when you install it, if you already have a higher Directx and Adobe don't click on the boxes, just press 'next'. You can install the latest versions of both for free online.
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    far cry work with windows 7?
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