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    If your game looks anything like the above picture, then this is the only guaranteed fix that's currently available.

    Please note that this method is provided with no help/assistance, but it should be fairly straightforward to follow.

    Also note that as of 2011, these instructions have changed, users are required to do more work to run their Settlers 4,
    but the guide will always be automatically kept up to date.


    (STEP ONE)

    Download and install the latest Ubuntu 32bit operating system install disc:

    Ubuntu Download

    (STEP TWO)

    Download and install Virtual Box from the following location:

    Virtual Box Download

    During installation you will be prompted several times to install device software, you should click to 'Install' or you will not have multiplayer capabilities in Settlers IV. As it warns you, it will disconnect you from any network you may be connected to as these drivers install.

    Once it has finished installing, click Finish with the checkbox to launch Virtual Box selected.


    Once the Virtual Box window has loaded, click on 'NEW' to bring up the creation wizard.

    Click next, and choose a name, this can be anything you want - for the purposes of this guide I shall called it s4_ubuntu.

    In the 'Operating System' drop down menu, select 'Linux'. Usually the version changes to 'Ubuntu', but if it should not, click this drop down menu and select 'Ubuntu' from the list.

    Click next to continue the wizard.


    Now you need to set how much of your computers memory you will allow Virtual Box to use, this should never be the entire amount of ram your system has, half is a good choice.

    For this guide I shall stick with the default setting of 512MB.

    Click next, and at the next window that appears, click next again to create a new (virtual) harddrive.


    You will now see that another wizard has launched, click next to each window until you get the drive size selection.

    You may adjust this if you wish to, I however do not reccomend going below 4GB, for this tutorial I'll leave it at the default setting of 8GB.

    The virtual harddrive will only ever take up as much room as it is currently using, therefore should the install only take up 2GB of space, despite our setting it to 8GB, it will only take up 2GB.

    Click 'Next' and then 'Finish' to create your new virtual harddrive.

    (STEP SIX)

    Now click 'Finish' to finalize our new virtual pc configuration.

    You will now see you have your computer in the left hand pane of the VirtualBox main window.

    Highlight it by left clicking on its name, and then click the 'Settings' button (next to the 'New' button we used earlier).


    We are now going to tweak the virtual pc a bit more to make it faster, and thus improve our game performance.

    Click on the 'System' button in the left hand pane of the settings window, and then click the 'Processor' tab.

    Here we can set how many CPUs the virtual PC should have, this is where you can set how many of your real computers processors the virtual pc may use, if you have a dual or single core machine I suggest keeping it at one, however should you have a quad core then you could set this to three, thus leaving one spare core for anything your real PC may wish to do while you are using the virtual one.

    Once you have changed it (or left it alone) as required, in the left hand pane click 'Display'.


    Here you will want to set your video memory, this should be half the current vram of your computers graphics card. So if you have an 128MB card, set it to 64MB and so forth.

    You will also want to select the two check boxes 'Enable 3D Acceleration' and 'Enable 2D Video Acceleration'.

    Now click on the 'Storage' button on the left hand pane.


    Under 'IDE Controller' you will see a cd-rom symbol and the word 'Empty' (unless you have a disc in the drive in which case it may read something else). Click on the word 'Empty'.

    Now under the word 'Attributes' and slightly to the right, is another cd-rom icon, with a small black down arrow. Click on this.

    Now select 'Choose a virtual CD/DVD disk file' and browse for the downloaded Ubuntu .iso disc image file.

    Once selected, click the 'OK' button, this will take you back to the main Virtual Box window.

    Now double click on the name of your virtual PC (in the left hand pane) to launch your virtual computer.

    (STEP TEN)

    You will be warned about 'Auto Capture Keyboard' you can select 'Do not display this message again' and then click 'OK'

    If you click inside the window to allow mouse usage in the virtual PC you will get a similar message to the above, you can once again do as before and select not to show the message again and then click 'OK'.
    However do not forget the hotkey it tells you, 'Right Ctrl' (by default) to escape the virtual PC back into using your normal PC.


    Follow the on-screen prompts to install Ubuntu to the virtual machine. This is a case of filling in data as/when required and as such is not covered by this tutorial.


    Now that we have our new operating system installed and working, go to the 'Applications' menu at the top of the User Interface of the virtual PC.

    Click on the 'Ubuntu Software Center' menu button.

    Allow it to update its files should it ask to do so.

    Once the window is loaded, in the search bar search for 'Wine'.

    Double click on the entry that it finds (Wine Is Not an Emulator)

    Wine will now install, this will allow us to play Settlers IV.


    Now that wine is installed, load Firefox from the firefox icon located in the top bar of the User Interface of your virtual PC, and download the following files:

    Download the full Settlers IV patch:

    Final Full Settlers IV Patch

    and should you wish to use the editor, also this patch:

    Editor Fix Patch


    To Install The Settlers IV insert the cd-rom into your cd-rom drive.

    A cd-rom icon will appear on your desktop, right click this and choose open.

    Locate 'Autorun.exe' and double click on it. Settlers IV installation is then as normal.

    *Note that the BBGC installer will always fail to install claiming it's already installed on the system. Therefore you may as well click NOT to install the BBGC client.

    *If you have more than one cd-rom that needs installing from, then you can easily unmount (eject) the drive by right-clicking on the cd-rom drive icon and choosing eject, usually however the eject button on your drive will work just as well.


    After installing the game and before running it, run the Settlers IV patch by double clicking on it.

    The patch is located in the Places>Downloads folder (use the top UI bar again).

    *Failure to patch the game will prevent the game from loading.

    After patching the game you can now double click the desktop icon for The Settlers IV to start the game.

    Have Fun (with no black boxes to offend the eye)!



    (The only way to play multiplayer using the virtual machine)

    NOTE: There is an icon on the desktop called gHamachi, this will not work untill the following steps have been completed. Once you have done the below, then you can use the icon - BUT NOT BEFORE ! ! !

    Since there are a few differences to installing Hamachi on the virtual box, which aren't mentioned in their installation guide, here is a step-by-step guide for Hamachi under the virtual box.

    1) First off, and always a good idea is to go and get the Hamachi Linux Installer download:


    2) Once you've saved it (for this guide I'm taking it as being in the imaginary folder /home/s4/Download).

    Right click it (find it using the File Manager) and select 'Extract Here'.

    3) Open a terminal window (command prompt) by clicking the small PC like icon (second in from the word Applications) and type the following in (following each line hit the return/enter key):

    cd /home/s4/download
    sudo make install
    sudo apt-get install ghamachi

    And that's it, from now on all you have to do is open a command prompt, type 'ghamachi' and up will come a nice user interface for himachi.


    -may be outdated-

    Q. Settlers IV is installing very slowly. What can I do about it?

    A. Cancel the installation, and shut down the Virtual Machine. Now go into the settings for your Virtual Machine and tick the checkbox for:

    Enable vt-x amd-v

    Now start the virtual PC and try the installation again. If it continues to be as slow, then your PC doesnt support hardware virtualization and you'll just have to be patient with the installer.

    Q. Troubleshooting the game not loading.

    A. In the OS, click either icon to the left or right of the Alsa symbol (one will require a password).

    A terminal window (command prompt) will appear, type the following (after each line hit enter) and make sure your s4 cd is in the drive first!

    cd /home/s4/.wine/drive_c/Blue*/The*/Exe

    The game will now load, any problems the game encounters can be viewed in the terminal window. If the game appears to hang for a long time, see what the terminal says.
    Also remember Alt+Tab incase there's a window hidden behind the Settlers IV banner saying "Error" or "Please insert the CD".

    Q. Settlers IV is playing very slowly for me, what can I do?

    A. Some wine users suggest editing the Video.cfg (found in /home/s4/.wine/drive_c/BlueByte/The Settlers IV/Config) file with the following setting:

    ForceBlit and change it to 1 (if it's already at 1 try 0 to see if it makes any difference)

    You may also like to adjust the following in the 'Settings' area in the main Virtual Box window (where you set the cd-rom drive and sound card).

    You will see a 'Base Memory Size' slider scale. Currently it is set to 256mb of system ram. To speed things up you may wish to set the number to reflect half of your computers physical ram (eg if you only have 1gb of ram, set the slider to 512mb). Obviously if your computer has 256mb of ram (or perish the thought - LESS than that) please lower the slider setting, remember though the less memory the virtual machine has, the slower things will run on it (anyone running XP or Vista with only 256mb of ram should seriously consider upping their ram anyway).

    You will also see a 'Video Memory Size' (currently set to 32mb) you should set this also to half the size of your Graphics Cards ram. The maximum this slider can go is 128mb, so if you have any graphics card with 256mb ram or greater, you can leave it at 128mb.

    * There is an option in these settings called 'Enable 3D Acceleration' DO NOT enable this option (it makes your game run slower and the mouse can go crazy).

    IF your graphics card uses Shared System Memory you MAY want to deduct the video memory size from the base memory size.

    Q. The sound is very quiet in game, what can I do?

    A. If the sound volume is too quiet, exit the game back to the desktop. There is a ellipse shaped icon to the left of the top taskbar called 'Alsa' click on it and adjust the sliders in the window that opens accordingly.

    Q. My mouse keeps hitting invisible borders on the screen which it can't move past, unless I move the mouse away from the area and then move my mouse as fast as possible to get past the area.

    A. This is an issue when changing from full to windowed screen modes. The fix is to start up the Virtual Machine in full-screen mode (Right Ctrl + F).

    Q. My mouse has gone crazy in settlers, making me zip all over the world if I try to move round my territory using right-click drag.

    A. Check that 'Enable 3D Acceleration' is disabled in the Virtual Machines Settings. If it is already disabled, then the only other fix is, in-game to turn on border scrolling, set the slider to max-speed and use that as the fix.

    Q. I can't enable Hardware Rendering. Is there anyway to enable it?

    A. No.

    * As mentioned before DO NOT turn on 'Enable 3D Accleration' in the Virtual Machine display settings.

    Q. What about router ports, etc etc etc.

    A. The Virtual Computer is set up to use NAT, therefore if your Windows PC is setup to properly run Settlers, and your router is also setup to forward the ports to your windows PC, then automatically your linux virtual machine will work out of the box, no settings to be changed.

    Q. Can I play Settlers III or other games on this.

    A. Yes, however if they're working fine on your host PC there's little point. Remember that for DOS games (Settlers I/II) you should use Dosbox.
    No support is given for other games though in this troubleshooting guide.
    You should note that the wine application database, does say that for Settlers III on wine, you will need the 1.60 XP patch exe.

    Q. I really want to play using the BlueByte Gaming Channel (BBGC) is there anyway to do this in the virtual machine.

    A. No.
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    Hi thanks for doing this.
    i cannot access your file (The Settlers IV Black Box Bug Fix. - S4_2010_Boxes_Fix.7z) the download site sais it is waiting for verification. this has been ages. can you put up another link. i cant wait to try it

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    They just this second activated the download, so now it's up and available.
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    Wow, this is really an amazing help for all people having problems with the black boxes.

    Would it be OK, if I would translate this instruction into german and post it into the official german settlers forum?
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    Sure, go ahead, it's no problem at all if you want to translate it
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    Chief you are the man

    linux thats genius, well done.

    as a bonus i really like virtual box
    thanks very much
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    Originally posted by MI-Chief:
    Sure, go ahead, it's no problem at all if you want to translate it
    It would be unreadable if you translated it Chief
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    hehe yeah, got bitten recently by a bad google translate from german to english (2 hours trying to figure out why something wasn't working in some code I was working on till I noticed the bad translation).
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    I have done word for word what you wrote Chief and when I double click the patch in the file you say I get

    Missing or invalid/Ini entry.

    I thought I had done something wrong so uninstalled the virtual box as I didnt know how to uninstall S4 from it,but on a 2nd attempt I still get the same error message

    What do you mean by this?

    Locate 'Autorun.exe' and double click on it. Settlers IV installation is then as normal.

    Settlers is already on my PC,do I have to uninstal and reinstal it again?? or what
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    Am I right in thinking this fix works online and off?
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