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    This is truly a great game...in offline.
    In online, despite great ideas, I suffer from one thing...
    It doesnt lookd to be my connection - it works greatly in many FPS etc.
    But in PF, due to lags I cant aplly even elementar tactics I use.
    Make a pure cross or shot is impossible, meter grows cca a second after i press it, so every try for pure is wasted in red part of meter.
    Only thing I can do is wildly shoot and hope that some shot got in.
    But we all know this game is about precision, great instant actions, precise crosses, spectacular volleys...and Im sad, that in online I cant play it.

    Also many times my game was ruined by "cant connect to peer" when arena is loaded.

    Thanks for any support, answer etc.
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    i usually, in pure win by 3-4 goals.
    in online i am lucky... in penalties!
    i have always 100% conection cause my router is near my ps3, but i cant score great goals as in play or campaign mode
    please fix it
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