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    i wanna know when ppl die, and when somebody drops or joins the room. the thing that shows when some1 joins/leaves rooms in gr2 is too much. id like to see the little box at the top of the screen like that was used in ogr and grit. or maybe even something in the center of the screen that will notify u when ppl die. i like that feature because it lets u know what is going on in the game. they could even make this an option, some ppl do like the extreme realism and dont wanna know whos alive or whos killing who. wut do other ppl think?
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    I agree.

    The "black text boxes" are too big in GR2, especially when I have a guest and we're playing split screen on xbox live multiplayer.

    As soon as the boxes come up, we pretty much have to hold position and wait for the boxes to disappear, because they cover up so much of the screen thus limiting my vision of the battlefield. Moving forward past enemy AI activation points on the map, while having the big black text boxes up is a quick way to get killed.

    It's hard to read the scrolling text boxes from GR1, especially when you're in a firefight, so I might miss the fact that a couple friendly soldiers have been killed. What would be better is that GR3 should also bring back from GR1 is that when you put your crosshair/aiming recticle on a fallen fellow soldier, his name should appear below your recticle AND his body should not disappear after 30 seconds!! Keep the dead friendly bodies in-place until the end please.

    Currently in GR3 you can put your cursor on a fallen US soldier and their name does display, but I believe the ability to do this only lasts several seconds - we should be able to identify a friendly (alive or dead) throughout the entire game.

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    I think I'll have to agree with ms-kleaneasy on this one. I also don't want the kill box to return. I'd rather just tell my team that I've taken out a certain target at a certain direction. There really isn't a need for it when you think about it. Considering how many people want it to be more realistic, having a killbox would be taking a step back.

    But here's some little brainstorming...since the next generation of systems are powerful enough to let the bodies of the enemies stay there throughout the entire game. What if you could identify who the enemy was killed by when you run down to him and look at his corpse?...I think this might make a few people happy.
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