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    i hate people who sidestep to much
    i hate people who does the same moves over and over like the people who use naruto (not everybody )
    i hate when all they do is up y combo
    i hate when they do only down y combo
    if u can add anything people do to much go ahead

    by the way i'm not saying i can't beat those people i'm just saying i hate when thats all they do if u agree put your name on this list of things we hate
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    i hate when people start sentences with "i hate" too much
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    side stepping is fine just side step in the opposite direction and lay em out but down y and up why with neji and kiba is just mad gay and its anoying when people jump kunai xxx down y grab repeat.
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    Mike what's your GT?
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    its mike5266814 and y do u ask
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    Originally posted by T3H_PHO3NiX:
    i hate when people start sentences with "i hate" too much

    u hate yourself wow thats sad
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    I asked because I was feeling vengeful at that time and wanted to do all those things to you and try to get a perfect . . . . naw, j/k

    Honestly I actually like sidestep / punch battles.

    as for up y spammers, those are the worst, I win everytime, and usually get perfects or close, but they are boring fights.

    my tactic is sidestep once, grab
    sidestep xxx
    sidestep grab,
    sidestep yyy

    wash rinse repeat

    I only change it up because I get bored

    you know if you can sidestep their first combo you can hit y until they substitute out of it, it can only be subbed or sidestepped
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    spammers suck period

    when they spam up y i use jump y
    when they repeat jutsu i stay right by them

    once u get good enough you realize how easy it can be to land a perfect on a spammer

    just pick-up on it, counter, and repeat
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    mike5266814 , just letting you know, this thread makes you look like a complete loser.
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    I love up y spammers cuz it's fun just back stepping them then doing the same thing over and over again. I dunno I jus like beating noobs for some reason.
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