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    I cannot play this game on Xbox Live, though I am able to play EVERY other title I know of on my internet connection.

    My setup:
    360 Version
    Netgear wireless gateway router
    Comcast cable.
    Nat Open
    I am plugged directly from the router to my 360.
    I've tried three ethernet cables, two of which were brand new.
    I've cleared the cache
    Removed the HDD, booted, powered off, rebooted with the HDD.

    The game has yet to manage to get me through an entire MP game on this connection- At some point during the match it'll freeze up, I will get a "disconnected from Xbox Live" msg, and I get kicked back to the menu screen. It varies. Sometimes I get five minutes to play, sometimes I get 30 seconds.

    As an added bonus, I can now force my 360 to break connection from Xbox Live by pressing the "Rainbow Six Vegas: IMMEDIATE DISCONNECT BUTTON" in the multiplayer menu.

    Did I say "IMMEDIATE DISCONNECT"? Sorry. I meant to say The "Refresh Server" option, which will ALWAYS result in a disconnect.

    For what it's worth, for those two minutes in which I'm able to play, the game is pretty fun.
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    The game will no longer allow me to play even one second of multiplayer. It disconnects me from Xbox Live as soon as the game begins.

    In one afternoon it went from nearly unplayable to a way to sign off XBL, and nothing else.
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    I am having the same problem.

    360 RSV Version

    360 connected to router. Router connected to modem.

    Comcast cable w/booster and split between TV/Cable modem/router.

    Wireless headphones/controllers.

    Halo 2 MP works fine with no disconnects.

    When I lose connection, I hear the pop from XBox live disconnecting and I am brought out to the main screen and I cannot log back in without a restart of the game. I can be on for 4-5 minutes or less.

    I downloaded the demo and did not have the same problems before I bought the game. I erased it after I started getting problems, but it did not fix the issue.
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    There are a bunch of people on the forums with the same problem. I started a thread over there but there are others in the xbox live discussion area too.

    I've tried port forwarding as well. no luck.
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    Hi Kilgore,

    It is probably your router. Check to see if you have the latest firmware for your router. An update of my firmware fixed the problem!
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    I upgraded my firmware and it still doesn't work.

    I guess not enough people have this problem to get a response.
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    Still disconnecting me. Any ideas?
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    SAME for me and I have NO ROUTER.
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    I have the same problem, I have a direct connection to my modem (it is wired). After reading many of these threads pertaining to this problem and seeing how people are having this problem regardless of whether they have a router,wired or wireless connections and with various ISPs being affected, it seems that the problem lies with UBISOFT not with people's internet setup. The cause could either be faulty discs, or poor online game design. I'd hate to rant but I'm on my last nerve with this. I wish that UBI would atleast come out with a responce. I would be happy with anything, even if they said that they could not fix this problem. Atleast the I would know that there is nothing that could be done and I could go back to the store and get my money back.
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    Yeah, the fact that they refuse to even offer explanations, suggestions, or even acknowledgement, is pretty awesome.

    By the way, it isn't like I have some unusual, unknown, or unpopular internet provider- it's friggin' COMCAST.
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