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    What error are you getting?
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    I understand there are problems when two ubi.com accounts share an email address. Could this be the case?
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    I suspect one would have even bigger problems using the same CD key on 2 accounts. I think although this is not the root of your problem it may be the problem now. I'd contact UBI support by phone if I were you, they would be your best bet for resolving this issue.

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    I assume it does the same thing when you try to sign up via the web page link. Am I correct?

    PS: There are no by the minute charges, except for long distance charges, and there are contact numbers for many different countries.
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    EDIT: Here is a link with contact information.

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    posted this in the wrong place first.

    right here goes

    just to let you know that if you start the game and click on URU live account it should take you to set up an account for online playing, you need to use a different log in name for this, not the one you use for playing the game or ubi.com .
    i had that problem at first.

    now when i go to that link it shows"

    Subscription Plan Details
    Status Pending invitation
    Subscription Name #####################
    Sign Up Date Saturday, November 15, 2003
    Expiry Date Wednesday, February 04, 2004

    Billing Information
    This section holds billing profile for retail subscriptions.
    Billing profile is not required for the current subscription. "

    i blanked out my Subscription Name but as you can see it has "Status Pending invitation".

    try another name for URU live and not the one you use for ubi.com

    i'm a bit slow so sorry if this has been said already.

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    Some ubi.com accounts can be used to subscribe to Uru. Some don't appear to have that capability.

    I suggest trying to subscribe using your normal account and then only creating a new one for the subscription if you get the "Your account cannot be used to subscribe" message.

    Guy (Real, forum and game name)
    Greeter: 22:00-23:59 GMT/UST Wednesdays
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    ha ha ha

    who's your man.

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    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by apcro:
    I got a response from Ubi support:

    Response (Andrew) - 11/24/2003 01:08 PM
    The game servers will not be live until January 2003<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    Fortunately we're well past January 2003 now.

    Guy (Real, forum and game name)
    Greeter: 22:00-23:59 GMT/UST Wednesdays
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    yeah funny 2003!lmao
    ahwell putting back the clocks must have been too much for them this winter, a hour guys not a year.
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