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    Installing this file will allow you to host a dedicated server to support Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood PC multiplayer games. The dedicated server will requires the full game to be installed first and updated with the v1.1 patch and supports custom maps made using the Content Creation Pack.


    Have fun!
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    Holy Frejoles! Just in time for Christmas!
    Thank you Techland support staff!
    Santa may put a little something extra in all of your stockings this year!

    Merry Christmas znajomych!
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    You beat me to it! I'll sticky this. Here are some mirrors:

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    The download is also mirrored on AtomicGamer:

    Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood - Dedicated Server: http://www.atomicgamer.com/fil...ood-dedicated-server

    Hope this helps!
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    Translated by google Portuguese to English, so it may have some difficulty understanding.

    Someone could edit the DedicatedServerSettings.ini to be the only game mode I want, I love the way Manhunt, I deleted the others, but the server gives error sometimes when the round ends of the maps.

    I wanted to stay well and not getting this error always stable, because I always leave my PC on and online server

    ServerName ("G1-Server OnlY Manhunt")
    ServerPassword ("XXXXXXXXX")
    ServerPort (27 632)

    InternetServer (1)
    FriendlyFire (0)
    PublicSlots (10)
    PlayersToStart (1)

    / / Manhunt

    PointsLimit (teamwanted ", 10)
    Timelimit (teamwanted, 1200)

    Map ("Adobe", "teamwanted)
    Map ("Civil", "teamwanted)
    Map ("Coffeyville", "teamwanted)
    Map ("Frisco", "teamwanted)
    Map ("Magnificent", "teamwanted)
    Map ("prisonbreak2", "teamwanted)
    Map ("StinkingSprings2", "teamwanted)
    Map ("Tombstone", "teamwanted)

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    maybe it was just a bug but I saw an error here - remove the flash from port settings - it should be 27632 - not 27 632

    and try different ports no farther then 32500. Try to increase public slots to 12 or better to 16 - it also causes crashes.

    PS remove stupid maps like ADOBE and CIVIL =) Too boring and only for snipers =)
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    Translated from Portuguese into English by Gooogle.
    I have a new server with Internet 100/10Mb, which supports fine until 16, 18 or 20 players, but to create it with 16 or more, players can not enter, the error "connection timed with the server" only if you can get 15 players, how to solve this?
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    North American COJ2 Server not showing up

    Anyone know if Ubisoft is not pinging North American Servers? I am trying to get one running out of Toronto, but it won't show up.

    I finally go the hosting service to check permissions, but still no luck.
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