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    I want to know what is the recommanded weight to use for men's health exercise, for the exercices that you focus on weights lifting ?
    The game seems to recommand 2.5kg / ~5lbs. This should probably be different for everybody, but I think 5lbs is a little low. I think 10 or 15 lbs should be better.

    Anyone have any experience with dumbbell for this game ?

    Thansk !
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    I don't know. The game to me seems to be beginner oriented. I think 15 lbs might be a bit too much. I would think each person would have to decide what is a good weight for them to use, with a 5lb'er being the starting point for most people. Personally, I like using 3 lb weights for the block smash. Probably going to increase that to 5lbs shortly.
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    I've got a set of Bowflex adjustable dumbells and use these for the Mens health programs. It all seems to work well. I ignore the 5lb suggestion and set mine to 12.5lb each for the fat burning program but increase/decrease as needed for the sleeve busting programme depending on exercise.

    I'd like to see you enter the weight you use which would then bring the calories burned closer to reality.

    While I'm here I'd also like to see more upper/lower body weight workouts offered. A specific weekly workout routine would be good too where you train a set of muscles per day.
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    Most of my 7000 calories I got with dumbbells...
    I did weight progression, and although heavier dumbbell were good for my arms it started to hurt my knees, so I would recomend to stay with the 5 pound dumbbell for every exercise that has a squat or lunge.
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    Thanks for providing this useful information to us and your kind reply.
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