Hi s1ckmate.
You're right . There should be a "Myst V End of Ages" alias on your desktop after installation, as well as the patcher icon. They both look the same, except the alias has an arrow on it.

Did you see the Myst V sound decompressor dialog at the end and did it complete OK?

Have you checked that the other folders and documents indicated in my opening post have been installed?

Were you presented with the actual installer screens while the "Waiting for Installer to finish" message was displayed? The first one would have been a small one asking you what language to use for the wizard.

Did you see a standard disk image appear on your desktop when the dvd was ejected? It would have been automatically ejected when you got the installation finished message.

Look for the "mystvintel.log" document in your home/library/logs folder. If it's there open it... it should contain hundreds of lines beginning with "inflated". This indicates the files were copied to your Mac.

I'm sorry but I have no experience with Snow Leopard at the moment. All I can do is compare my Leopard installation, which is faultless.

Did your Mac come with Snow Leopard installed? If so, did you install Rosetta yourself?

One other thing you could check. Open Disk Utility (in your Applications/Utilities folder),
click on you hard drive name, look at the bottom of the screen and note the Format name.
Mine is "Mac OS Extended (Journaled)". Is yours the same?

Why not try reinstalling and see if you get the same response. Note any variations between my description in my opening post and what you see.

I'll be back online around the same time tomorrow to get your answers and see how you got on.