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    Hi, Xhane! As I remember, Fabris(UBI) promissed us (heroes 5 community) some content patches, but after 3.1 patch there are nothing to realesed. Do You, as new GameDev, remember about this promiss?
    And what about new 3.2 patch?
    Sorry for my English
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    Hi alex32bit,

    I'm afraid there won't be anymore official patches on Heroes V.

    But you can still find very interesting mods done by great fans on the different fan pages of the game.
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    No need to apologise for your English, Alex, it is quite easy to understand and almost no one here is a native speaker of English

    You can find the fan made mods Xhane is talking about here:

    Just make sure they go ok with your version of the game (usually the description of the mods say which versions of the game they work on) and if I were you I would make some safety copies of the save games you have before installing any mod.
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    hi, i'm new here
    so can anyone tell me how I can make the underground walls in the map editor of heroes of might and magic V - tribes of the east?
    it would be nice to get an answer about this question
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    Originally Posted by Secret_Holder Go to original post
    Why doesn't Znork speak znorkish anymore?
    nice blog
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    I too joined now...
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