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    Leave him, if he is going to do it, then he is going to do it right! + He is writing a whole novel
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    But seriously when will you post it?
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    In time people, I am just having holidays.I can now focus on my opus if you know what I mean. I guess I will be done in next week if not something else will keep me from writing.
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    I just completed Warrior Within again and started playing The Two Thrones and there the Prince said "four weeks I have been at sea" -> it took him 4 weeks to get from the island of time to babylon. I know you are writing Kindred Blades but different story doesn't change the distance between the 2 places :/ .
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    Different interpretation. I won't take any word seriously.

    The trailers and that aweful BoPoP suggested that while being hunted, the Prince had nothing better to do than waging wars. So I know that not every story should be taken seriously, but that's just bull****. IMO the Prince figured out that the Dahak is afraid of water and uses it as his own sancuary: The deep sea. This is where he couldn't reach him. Like Odysseus he is condemned to wander endlessy in the sea and is trying to find out how to free himself. Ironically all he had to do in the years was to ask his old man.

    In that interpretation the character in WW fitted:
    Frustrated and angered, but cold blooded to reach his goal, and has perverted his once youthful ideals.
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    Yeah, it's been almost a year since your last update, I just recently thought about your "version" and decided to check here and was kinda disappointed to see that you haven't uploaded anything new, and I just want to know if you plan on ever continuing on writing 'cause from what I've read so far - you can really make this thing a cool story for the prince... So?
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    I finished finale exams and it was really mind breaking. Killed me any motivations to write on.

    However, I am done with it and now I can focus on the novel. I also thought of rewriting the prologue.

    Give me another month or two and you'll see quite alot more.
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    Hey Tristan 129,good story. Sorry . AWESOME man AWESOME.
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    -Primary weapon will be the ''Tigerknife'' I like to call it shown in the screens of KB.
    you mean this dagger :P :P

    yep that right u guys, this is the dagger you see the prince holding and fighting with in the trailer and all those screen shots.
    @the story: hmm let me put this in simple words..

    "id buy what u just wrote as a story line for a prince of persia game over that T2T **** any day bro.."
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    thanks for using the search function... but this is some hardcore necro-posting... therefore i'm gonna close the thread. sorry.
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