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    Far Cry 1 (PC) come back guys!

    Hi guys, well i'd invite all the new and old players to join Far Cry1 (multiplayer), because:

    -It's a really nice game
    -Everyone can run it because of the requirements, which are very low
    -People still play it (there are more players than fc2), usually 20/30 people per night
    -With Steam there isn't anymore the patches problem because steam install them automatically

    Well first of all sorry for my bad english and we wait for you in this fantastic game ^^
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    love too, yet..

    i would love to play, never have before, im always on my 360. but i got this new PC and i3 MSI board with my old nvdia 6800 GT; installed farcry basicly to see the game at full detial and now it wont work before and after patching. the game loads up i can watch the demo loop all day but when i start a campain the load bar stop 1/4 of the way and thats it. nothing. woorst case i can go back to my p4 HT and play it... but it sucks get a fairly new pc and the one game i got for PC that i relay like beside halo wont work....
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    Far Cry is still a great game but better if you play in singleplayer because on multiplayer some pathetic players crashing all servers .
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    I love, love, love the original FAR CRY. I recently switched to a MAC, and I miss, miss my original FAR CRY. Does anyone know how I could play it again on a MAC or Xbox 360???
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    I love FAR CRY 1, but I recently switched to a MAC and now I'm in mourning because I can't play. I tried STEAM, but FAR CRY doesn't play on a MAC. Does anyone know how I could play on a MAC or Xbox 360??? Diane
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    You can play on a MAC if you use a dual boot program like Boot Camp (there are a few programs) and install windows =)
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