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    Hi i just got the game Rocksmith for my xbox and i was totally excited about it. so far i haven't been able to play because when you do the Tuning setup i wont recognize my high E string and i have broken 2 strings now trying to get it. please if this is happening to anyone else any advice? what could be causing it? its really frustrating. should i exchange it for a new one??
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    you may need to raise your pickup i had to do this so the game would recognize my high e string. tune your guitar away from the game then try it on the game.
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    Sure you're not tuning an octave high?

    It would explain the 'easy' breaking, as well as not being recognized.
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    The same thing happened to me once. Then I realised that I was plucking the string too gently during tuning.

    When you pluck the string too gently, somehow the system would not be able to detect it, giving values near the extreme ends (-40, 50, etc). And no matter how much you turn the knobs either way, nothing changes.

    Tuning should usually require only slight adjustments. If you feel alot of resistance when turning the knobs, you should stop and try plucking the string harder.
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    You can get a cheap tuner, the one in the game is good. But you need to be able to tune the big E for every other string you tune. I broke a many of small e strings before figuring that out. Tune the big E then the A. Then the Big E, and then the D, and so on.....
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    It's also a good idea to use a chromatic tuner instead of a guitar-specific one. The tuner that came with my acoustic has a chromatic setting as well as instrument-specific settings for guitar, ukelele, bass and violin.

    If in the guitar setting it doesn't detect at least some semblance of a note made by any specific open string in a supported tuning, then it doesn't register at all. When I changed the strings, I felt better using the chromatic setting and watching the notes change up to the right ones.

    It also helped when I got one too tight before tuning and had to tune down to the proper note.

    Imagine if I had just kept tightening towards the hope of hitting on a supported note. The low E string would be tuned all the way up to the A of the fifth string if it didn't break first. Only then would I know.

    So were it the high E string, it's up, up and away.
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