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    the BPT team has made a tool to review/compare the RUSE units .
    we hope you enjoy it:

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    my hat is off to you sir

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    Cool, But Im much more interested in that administrater's avatare hehe.
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    nais. much appreciated!
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    the application has been updated with the free weekend data.
    Have a look if you wanna be ready for the official release of RUSE next month!
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    oh awesome, I was waiting for something like this!!!!

    Thank god you don't have a DONATE VIA PAYPAL button

    Thanks <3
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    Gemma Atkinson = OMFG

    And AWESOME, I can use this for my Nations Videos thanks.
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    Amazing work !

    This topic is now sticked, and I guess it'll remain for a long while.

    BRAVO !

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    very nice, as a feature request for the future, what about doing some pixel recognition and highlight bigger numbers in green and lower in red
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    omg omg omg :] you re awesome guys
    1) you created this :]
    2) UbiWuzzi sticked it

    Tbh i was asking for this in last few days from some devs but they say i have to do it all alone to printscreen etc :P where's the donate paypal button huh? O_O )
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