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    Yes, I understand. But, how I have to set this ports in my Computer/PlayStation3? And what means UPD and TCP. Help!! <span class="ev_code_RED">Thanks if you can help me!</span>
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    <span class="ev_code_BLUE">And people, I have a PlayStation 3.</span>
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    Okay! I don't need any help anymore. I get the ports in my Computer and now I can play Far Cry 2. Thanks everyone! How well I didn't need any help!

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    <span class="ev_code_YELLOW">Now, crazyness! It was keeping good, good and good! And than happend... the Host kicks me already! CRAZYNESS! How I can open this ports?</span>
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    Screwing with this stuff on many computers, many different configs, running dedis, playing, seeing all kinds of random craziness, I'm now of the strong opinion most of these problems are

    PUNKBUSTER-related, and not port-related at all.

    (even for non-PB servers)
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    <span class="ev_code_RED">People, let me tell you something. I was so glad I get the game, so happy don't know how happy I was! Then I was home starting the PlayStation 3 and begin to play Far Cry 2 Singleplayer. Everything was good in the Singleplayer. But then, then the best moment... I wanted to play Far Cry 2 online... I was keeping good, playing 3 Ranks (Now I'm Rank 3 with 628 EXP). And than I wanna play, play, play and still Disconnected... HOW STUPID! How I have to open those Ports? Please reply on my question... Greetz... Dutch_Hero99.</span>
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    Why did I have to open ports to play this game online? I've never had to do this for ANY other game. This is pretty stupid, thanks UBI for nothing.
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    Through some trial and erro I found a solution to the problem of connecting to MP games online. I tried to connect and it just cyled through the MP games and finally gave me a fail to connect message. I have a linksys router and I simply disabled the UPNP option. After disabling this option, I was able to connect to the MP games online. Hope this helps all those who have not been able to connect.
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    Hi all,

    after 2weeks i was finaly manage to join to the
    online game. I was just change Kasda modem/router with new SpeedTouch Thomson ST 780WL router. Thats it, apsolutely nothin else.
    At the end i dont know the real problem, but now its working.
    Tehnical support from my network says that all ports are open, in/out, by default on this router.

    This will help some1, i hope.
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    Yeah, when I can't join I reset my router and check my PB. That always solves it.
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