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    Nope. I haven't even got my new CD-key yet. Last week after a week of silence support asked me to tell them my old one and show them A PICTURE OF MY GAME MANUAL. So I did... and I'm waiting. But... Really? Since November they've been 'trying' to help me with standard procedure steps I was 100%-sure wouldn't work... and now they aren't sure whether my copy is legit, as if they hadn't got it in their database when I registered it in the first place. What's next Ubi, receipt? What if my copy had been a digital download?
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    Originally Posted by zain611 Go to original post
    Is this problem rescolved yet?
    hello all, no good news, and Web support leaves no hope for anything good, but because they meet from time to time, asking me to upgrade the practice. every day and I'm going to break my will i ...... writing that does not work. and what do you think they 'tell me that the best solution is to give me a new key online registration, and that means starting over the game online ... nice to know that?

    I must express my humble opinion, I think that the online support of ubisoft not doing enough to solve the problem. I'm sorry that the multiplayer does not work. I had so much fun playing online is fun too. I think it is impossible that none is able to solve this problem, I think is a problem that the server cuts me off because if rigioco the challenges of the game and try to watch the charts, I can do aa. I think it's just a server issue that cuts me off. Now the question is this:
    How many of you have the same problem??

    should fill out the support of Ubisoft's mountains of requests for support for this problem!! Come on guys give me a hand!
    otherwise how can I challenge??
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    Contact ubisoft support
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    Originally Posted by zain611 Go to original post
    Contact ubisoft support
    Hello guys, I give you some news from the international support Ubisoft:
    February 13 I called their call center, and the operator, after 50 minutes of phone time (fee), said this:

    "Who has my same problem (in the world we are 2 and 1 PS3 and PC users have reported the problem to the support) for both PC and Xbox 360 and PS3. are invited to contact Ubisoft and represent the problem, because the game developers for 3 people do not bother to solve the problem. "

    so guys if you're not reporting to Ubisoft, the problem is not never gonna work.

    Please make your reports of the Ubisoft Multiplayer Freeze, or I and many others can only be hammering our testicles for life,

    or alternatively ......
    new KEY game online and you start to rescale the ranking from ZERO.

    and then if it happens again?? Key and via other online game for the umpteenth time to climb the rankings by ZERO!!

    Boys do something by January 29 I am offline from the game. help me!

    Thank you all, I trust you all
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    Hi, same problem here when my PC Driver Collector Edition (buy at day one) ****ed up the next month!

    When i select the friendlist on multiplayer lobby the driver.exe crash! I have win7 64 bit with Ati Radeon grapichs card. after contact the online support and do all the bull$hit that told me to do (open the firewall limitations, set the TPI/TCI port on router) the game still crash! the multiplayer experience increase in stability, but the friendlist continue to crash.
    So i try this steps:
    1) Go on multiplayer lobby, then to leadeboard chart. Select the friendlist leaderboard chart and start to delete all the virtual friends, one by one. Very frustrating operation.
    After that i shut up the game.

    2) On Win7 go to Msconfig and selected the "advanced startup" on general window. Set Windows7 to start with the basic drivers. The Firewall and antivirus (avira) don't start.
    I reboot the sistem.

    After new startup i load Driver S.F. on multiplayer. The game ask me to add again the previous deleted friend. I ignore the request.
    Now my friendlist work and i can invite my new friends on my group.

    Sorry for my bad english, i hope it's helpful for others who have similar problem with their name's account.
    Note that is a temporarily solution!

    See you on Takedown multiplayer! Bye!
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    After the last patch installed but
    Multiplayers game doesn't work yet

    I do not understand ANYTHING in this game. In my opinion NEXT GAME WE NEED TO FREE

    I have two account
    may interfere with me in online,obstacle to me in online
    Before making use key on behalf of mfirat34, Can I then used the name of m.firat34. The same key can be used

    Can I use the same key in the other account.
    Have you solved the problem completely delete and re-denense Accounts online

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    people, help me please, i am from russia, i have that game, but i cant play in multyplayer, and no one of my reward doesnot count, if you can help me , please add me in the Skype (antongusev1996)
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    This needs a big BUMP! No new patch, no support so far.
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    Originally Posted by Evilworm1 Go to original post
    This needs a big BUMP! No new patch, no support so far.
    I agree. Ubisoft doesn't care at all about their customers and in my opinion they should be sued for that. Lots of people paid good money for this game, some even paid for extra MP content (like me) but they didn't get what they paid for. I planned on buying more Ubisoft games in the future but I guess I'll just pirate them, also told my friends to not buy anything from Ubisoft anymore. This is not going to change unless that problem gets fixed.
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    Hi guys, this issue has not been forgotten the developers are looking into it.
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