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    After playing IL2 for years, I finally got around to buying 1946. It's great!.....It loads fine, starts up and everything seems fine at first, except that about every 10 to 15 minutes the program crashes and I receive a MS message that says:

    "Il2.exe has encountered a problem and has to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience."

    When I open the error message it says that the program has a conflict with Java? It recommends uninstalling Java. Even though this should not, IMHO be necessary, I tried it anyway. Still had the same problem?

    I have the US version and have even tried running the game with the disc in the drive, even though this is not supposed to be necessary. No luck. I've cleaned up my registry, defragged, etc. Uninstalled and reinstalled the game. I have patch 4.08 installed as well.

    I have read several threads referencing this problem, but most had something to do with starting the game NOT it crashing during play?

    Does anyone have a fix for this that they could please share? Great game but very frustrating having the program crashing constantly!

    Thank you for your help in advance!

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    Hi & welcome

    1stly: What operating system do you have?

    2nd: are you sure you have Java fully updated?

    Also make sure that Windows is updated

    Please post a dxdiag readout here.

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    I have a similar problem, but after a longer time and have a thread going in this forum.
    hope link works, and the advice I got may be relevant.
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