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    pliss cd-key post now pliss
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    Seriously, start another thread to rant on about CD keys. This thread is about reliability issues.

    I am also very keen to see if anything comes up to solve this freezing issue, the game is completely unplayable. All my other games work just fine.

    QX9650 @ 3.67 GHz (Dell factory settings)
    4 GB Ram
    Vista 32 SP2
    2 x 280 GTX SLI
    790i Ultra SLI motherboard
    3d vision

    I'm not usually one to rant about bugs etc.. but to be honest I have more problems with ubisoft games on the PC than any other. Assasins Creed, unplayable. Avatar, unplayable. I think ubisoft have forgotten about PC gamers, as long as it works on the XBox who cares right?
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    for those with freezing issues, try dx9.
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    Help !

    I installed it ( legal from a disk ).
    Now, when i want to start the game, it wont go further then the upcomming picture.
    It wont even load to the menu !
    So, I run it as administrator, and it says :

    '' Trying to get update information to ¸.
    Failed to download the update information.
    Fatal download error: 23
    Update service cannot continue.
    Unable to delete file: ¸. ''

    So, i can click play,, and it shows , agian , only the picture ! Ive tried to reinstall it for 4 times and removed it completely and installed it twice !
    I dont know what to do ! Help?
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    multiplayer key?
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    i need a cd-key for play online plz tell me how i get one plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
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    pennygod's Avatar Ubisoft Support Staff NCSA
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    Oct 2008
    To any customer that is asking for a multiplayer key:

    All keys are included with the game purchase. They will be located on the back cover of the manual.

    If you do not see the key on the back of the manual you will need to contact Ubisoft support ( http://support.ubi.com/ ) and they will have to verify the purchase and the missing key from the manual.
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    Hi I put in a support question about a month ago and still waiting on a reply with activating my avatar game on windows 10 now before i installed windows 10 and was on windows 7 the game was activated no problems and played great but as soon as i moved to windows 10 then the game cant activate at all what is the problem i dont want to go back to 7 if i can help it but if I do then its obviously windows 10 thats at fault and wasnt tested correctly.
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