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    So, it's still a week before Halloween, but we had our (1st) work party and dress up day. Since there was no thread yet for Halloween pics I figured I'd make one that people can add to as they have their parties over the next week or so. So heres a couple to start you off:

    Mech took a picture of her on her laptop:

    She took one of me too:

    and here's another one that you can see most of the outfit:

    Will post more later
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    Did Mech go as Hermonie?
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    Yep, she's Hermione. She looks the part, but apparently everyone is asking if shes just a generic school girl. Aww well. I'm getting a lot of "Are you the invisible man?" and even one "Hey look! Inspector Gadget!"
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    Well not everyone know who Rorschach is or Hermonie.
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    well I got a few "Are you Harry Potter?" comments.. um.. wtf people
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    How did you make the mask?
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    Outstanding costumes!
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    Halloween is still a week away. Why are you dressing up at work already? haha
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    the costumes looks great!
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