1. #3441

    Mouse Cursor not visible

    Hi all, I recently purchased the game, but when i start it i am unable to see the mouse cursor. The mouse is working - I can select menu objects when they light up if im moving the mouse, its just the cursor that is not visible. Thanks
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  2. #3442

    Altar of Eternal Servitude does not work

    Necropolis first mission, altar of eternal servitude does not work.. no bodies are being shown there, I cannot resurrect anything because there is nothing there. Lots of troops are getting killed in battles but none is in Altar of eternal servitude..
    Its unable to finish this mission without it.. just bought the game :/
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  3. #3443

    Lost all my data

    On for honor, After a random update that seemed out of nowhere, I lost all of my data. Does anyone know how to fix this?
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