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    Originally posted by sv398:
    ### The specialty icon for my hero has no/wrong tooltip
    As seen HERE the tooltip of the specialty displays the specialty name instead of an explanation.
    I was just about to post about this. Anyway, here is the list of heroes that's I've seen so far. Coincidentally, they are all the heroes that came with the Collectors/Deluxe version.

    Akasha - Shark Guard
    Aguirre - Agony Master
    Kraal - Orc Warrior Master
    Sveltana - Stone Skin Master
    Yume - Ice Armor Master
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    Necromance faction ability bugged in campaign when it reaches level 2 whenever the counter reaches the level to activate level 2 it greys out and hero cant no longer activate his racial ability
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    Major Bug --

    Orc Mission 2 : The good, the bad, the bloodied.

    You get the quest to either support the rebels or Sharka. Since my char was Dragon Tears, it auto picked that side (no big deal), but the message screen that pops up to tell you that you are tears and thus the blood dragon quest has failed can NOT be closed. And thus you cant continue with the game. You have to force exit the game and your orc campaign is over as well as you cant get past this message window.
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    I don't know how useful such a thread is if you aren't going to do a very thorough review of what has been posted. An arbitrary list of bugs doesn't add onto the bug thread already in existence.
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    2 addition bugs to report:

    Got a weird 'Placeholder' cone.

    Also, the tooltips you get for highlighting any of the spells on the bars on the bottom right are always wrong - shows a different spell.

    Oh, and with the Haven town ability to buy/sell artefacts. They change on every reload of the game.
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    One more bug:

    My hero lost the ability to cast Mass Life Drain somewhere during the first necro map. The icon is in the spellbook, but it is always greyed out (even at max mana). I remember casting it about 5 times and now only regular life drain works.

    I remember using the location to get double mana around the time I lost the spell, so that may have something to do with it.

    Someone on the forum had the same issue with lightning bolt spell I believe.
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    The weak of the plague started. I now have -50,000 to -150,000 creatures recruit able depending on the creature. I cant, nor will i ever be able to recruit again. I can't even raise dead soldiers anymore (the check button does nothing now).

    Undead campaign mission 3
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    I'm still trying to confirm a couple bugs that I've noticed. A couple crash to desktops, but I've been having trouble replicating them successfully.

    One bug however I know I'll never be able to replicate on demand but happens to me fairly often. I run an nVidia GTX 470 and as good as the drivers are they occasionally crash on me, but Win7 and the drivers expect it and can usually recover from it without much hassle. Every other game I've played handles this just fine and I can keep going after the recovery. Heroes 6 however doesn't. After the crash and recovery the game doesn't reload any of the resources so I'm stuck staring at a blank window when playing in windowed mode, or I end up not being able to alt-tab back into the game when playing full screen. The game is still running, the music plays, and my mouse cursor changes according to what it would be pointing at if the resources were loaded. I can even click on the screen and hear sounds of units walking around or things happening if I get lucky and click on something interactable.

    I'm guessing this has something to do with how the game handles being minimized. Whenever I tab out then tab back in when playing full screen I get a screen that asks me to wait while it reloads the resources for the game. This reloading process doesn't happen after a driver crash/recovery and when the game's played in a window there's no way to minimize the game so it can never happen there anyhow.

    I'm not entirely sure there's any way to fix a bug like this besides giving us a keyboard shortcut to force the game to reload the resources on command. That however would be an acceptable fix for me. Gimme something like Ctrl+Alt+R or equally complex and that'll be just find till whenever/if ever the bug is actually fixed gracefully
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    bugs i have found. Mouse cursor always flickering. Moving mouse to edges of screen does not move the camera on the adventure map.
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    Originally posted by Durmwind:
    I got a good one. on the 3rd necro map, i am beeing attacked by a stronghold hero, i think it was named Rangi. Whenever i use more then 3 turns to defeat here, the game freezes. After this happening about 4 times i am about to give up on this game.
    Were you by chance casting Puppet Master? I've had the game lock up several times when I've used Puppet Master on an enemy stack. This exact fight was the first time I witnessed it. It's not on cast either, it will happen after you attempt to so anything with a unit while the spell is still in effect. It's an odd bug too because it doesn't always happen, in the end I just stopped using the spell because I didn't want to risk it forcing a ctrl+alt+del.
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