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    Ok, so I have four fanfics already, three of which are on PC. But they have all regressed to the second page, and it would be against the rules to bump them. I will repost them if I have to, or want to continue them. So with that said, here is my badly titled fanfic. Those who have not watched the Rayman TV series might not know who half the following people are, but hey. Also, the ages of the charecters are undefined, this is my personal opinion.

    ~~~One: Planning~~~

    "Are you mad? Are you crazy?!"

    Dr. Ryan O'Gilligan closed his eyes for a second. Hopefully this would all go to plan.

    Cookie Levagetto, thirty three years old, although his facial expression would have better suited a twelve year old. He looked mostly furious, though Ryan could tell he was slightly panicked as well. He was clenching his fists so hard the doctor wouldn't have been surprised if his hand started bleeding. From personal experience, Ryan knew that was possible. And it hurt.

    Ryan O'Gilligan had just told Cookie Levagetto that the latter belonged in a mental institution, or a "nuthouse".

    Which was all part of the plan.

    "Nope." said Ryan quietly, "Not me."

    With that he pressed a small button on a device he held in his palm. There was a creak, the floor tile opened, and Cookie disspaeared.

    "Cookie!" The blue, rabbitlike nineteen year old lunged foward in an attempt to save his friend, but got pulled back by the redhead. (His girlfriend? Ryan didn't know.)
    The teenager looked back at her, his facial expression saying, How could you?
    "I knew you were trying to save him, Lac-Mac, but I don't want you getting hurt!"

    'Lac-Mac' said nothing, though Ryan could tell he was miserable, angry, panicked...

    Everything Cookie Levagetto had been just now.

    With a sigh, Ryan retreated to his office.



    "O'Gilligan." The voice was cold. "Did you succeed?"

    "Y-yes..." Ryan stammered.

    "And was Rayman with him?"

    Ryan nodded. "Well, not in the nuthouse, but I just know he'll try to save Cookie."

    "The trusting little soul." said Dark. "I have been waiting for this moment for seven years now. With your help, Ryan, I will get rid of that rat once and for all."

    Bad I know. I got writers block near the end.
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    LOVE IT! I'ts not rushed at all. It's perfect!
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    Thank you. I will post the second part soon.
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    Cool! You mixed the characters up!
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    Thanks Cait. Yus, I did.
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    Cool Mr.Dark inn high anxity cool although calling Rayman a rat sounds more like begonaix
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    Sorry I haven't been updating I promise I will, I've just got writers block TT_TT

    Thank you Raymansuperfan Sorry to sound like a n00b, but who's Begionax?
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    Originally posted by Mylifeisinsane:

    Thank you Raymansuperfan Sorry to sound like a n00b, but who's Begionax?
    Begionax is the witch in Rayman 3.
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    Your welcome ^^.
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