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    So, anybody got Myst IV to work on an Intel Mac with Snow Leopard? If so, please share how ....
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    Originally posted by wstrohm:
    I am "stuck" with a 2.7 GHz PPC Power Mac, which uses Motolola/IBM CPUs. They have a different instruction set than the current Intel chips. There is absolutely no way a program written to run on an Intel CPU can run on a PPC CPU, unless it is written in "universal binary."
    I know all this already, and will go so far as to point out that Myst IV will work on a Mac, just not in OS X; I predict Bootcamp would provide a Windows solution to getting Myst IV to work on these new-fangled Intel Macs.

    All I was doing was pointing out that Myst IV wouldn't, officially, even run on Tiger. Expecting it to run on Snow Leopard is just way out of league. So aren't we agreeing with each other?
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    I got it to work, initially in windowed mode, this way. Create a file in the Myst4.app directory called game.dsc. You should see a file called myst4 and another called detect_config.dsc just so you can be sure you're in the correct place. Put the text below in it. I got a 800x600 window, with a ghost of the Mac cursor along with the Myst hand cursor but it was doable. I then changed the text for fullscreen from false to true and I was working fine. I have no idea why the game wouldn't run without this file.

    ; Myst IV mac settings

    gamedatabin ("/m4dir/data/")
    gamedata ("/m4dir/data_ltd/")
    sound ("/m4dir/data/")
    savegame ("/m4dir/save/")


    title_window ( "Myst IV Revelation" )

    screen_width ( 800 ) ; normal screen
    screen_height ( 600 )
    screen_bpp ( 32 )

    full_screen ( false )
    stretch ( true ) ; want stretch on widescreen display ?

    enable ( true )

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    I'll work on an AppleScript to make that automatically, then we'll see if this gets Myst IV to work for others.

    Might I ask how you figured all that out?
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    I don't know if it works for others but for me, it doesn't work.
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    I made an AppleScript application that will write this file, verbatim, into Myst4.app. Hopefully it'll be as effective as manually creating the file. Download it here. When you run it, it'll ask for your Myst IV application file. After you give it that it'll take it from there.
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    Hi, nice to hear that there's a solution to solve the myst 4 problem. But for this solution myst 4 has to be installed already, right? Because my problem is that the installer just quits after a few seconds. If I'm wrong, please tell me.
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    This doesn't work for me either. I created the file in the correct place but the game crashes immediately after double-clicking on the application icon.

    Will try the Applescript fix and see if that makes a difference.

    Edit: Tried the Applescript (after removing the file that I created) and it doesn't work. I get the following message:
    error "File alias Grendel:Applications:Games:MystIV:myst4.app:game.t xt wasn’t open." number -38 from alias "Grendel:Applications:Games:MystIV:myst4.app:game. txt"
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    Blah, there was a line of code that I forgot to take out that mucked things up. It should work now.

    Note that I haven't actually tested this thing on OS X 10.6 with a non-working installation of Myst IV and had said installation start working.
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    Not working on Intel iMac + snow leopard.
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