posted Sat March 19 2005 04:47
SH-3 is the greatest sim i ever played !! That is for the 3 times i acutally got through the copy protection !! Its the copy protection that greatly overshadows SH-3 exellent programming and gaming factor. This anti copy-software is the biggest peace of junk i ever seen and is UBI,s greates blunder so far! ill sum up the problems for ya!

* The software takes about 10 - 15 mins to check your disk this suckes big time !
* It requires me to enter the cd key every single time i start sh-3. And sometimes the cd key works and sometimes it dont addeing another 10-15 mins to re-read my disk for the cd key ! This means it acutally can take up to 30 mins to even start SH-3 and i dont have even minimum spec!
* I enter the right cd key and still the program treate me like a software pirate!! Now i paid 50 euro,s for this game ! I feal discriminated!
* Sometimes it helps to not enter the -,S with the cd key but sometimes it dont help
* the cd key issue would be such a problem to enter a few times to get it right but NOT IF IT TAKES 15 MINS EVERY TIME TO CHECK THE CD key!
* It would not be a problem at all if you have to enter the cd key only once with all the other software and i really dont understand why it is nessecairy to enter the CD key every single time when starting SH-3 this is so retarted . Its like some peace of NSA software containing highly classified information .
* I can understand fully if people think twice before buying any software from ubi containing this kind of copy protection! Its a shame that it keeps me from playing SH3 9 out of 10 times which is frustrating and overshadows the exellent peace of software sh3 is! PLEASE UBI SORT THIS ONE OUT ASAP! THE COPY PROTECTION HURTS THE HONOUST CUSTOMER MORE THE THE PIRATS!!