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    Hi there,

    So what are the differences between the various sub-classes and why isnt this in the manual? I want data, like critical depth, speed etc.

    And everytime I try to launch the raft inorder to finish the supply mission, the god damn game crashes =D woohoo, and I just sunk TWO Kongo class battleships, with only 4 torps... straight into the ammo supply =D And machine gunned the llife rafts mohehe.... Anyway, fix the buggs and this is THE best sub game I ever played =)

    keep up the good work
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    Something. From the readme:

    5.1 Submarine hull resistance and Death due to exceeding the maximum depth

    Each submarine has a test depth beyong the captain should only venture in crisis situation.

    S Class - Test Depth - 60 m
    Pourpoise - Test Depth - 75 m
    Salmon Class - Test Depth - 75 m
    Sargo Class - Test Depth - 75 m
    Tambor Class - Test Depth - 75 m
    Gar Class - Test Depth - 75 m
    Gato Class - Test Depth - 90 m
    Balao Class - Test Depth - 120 m

    Going deeper than this values always presents a risk.

    Note that when you have a damaged hull, the depth limit for the submarine changes. The more damaged the submarine hull is, the less depth is the pressure hull capable of handling.
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    Ah, I forgot to check the readme

    Thx Gaz!
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