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    Hey guys, i have just got settlers 6 and it won't install the new patch. Here is the error message of what happens.


    When i say no to patching it, it loads the game up. When i get into the game, in the bottom right hand corner is says i'm on patch 1.6. Why won't it update it? Helpppp

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    I have the same problem as well. Mine says 1.6.8247, when I tried to update to patch 1.7 and 1.71, I get the error message "The installed version of The Settlers - Rise of an Empire is not compatible with this update!". However, I bought my copy very recently, so I don't know if the files on the DVD have already been updated.
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    I presume you have the Gold version, as the message you get when you try to update to the latest patch often happens with the Gold version.

    The way to solve it is to delete the S6Patch.ini in both Program Files\Ubisoft\THE SETTLERS - Rise of an Empire\base\bin, and Program Files\Ubisoft\THE SETTLERS - Rise of an Empire\extra1\bin.

    Then, manually download and install Patch 1,71 which removes the Tages DRM, and allows play without the discs being needed.
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    I still can't patch because i have only the option of uninstalling the entire game and can't access the program files. Can't you guys just sell me the new game level includiong the patch ??
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    first time i tryed this it worked a treat, thank you
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