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Thread: Rainbow Six 3 & Black Arrow [ OFFICIAL PETITION ] | Forums

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    ill Pay 50$ all day if u dont modify anything =P JUST REMAKE THE CLASSSY EPIC SHOOTERS OF RBSIX3-BA Perfect, Bullet detection/reticule Know to games, walk/run speed everything was perfecty just re open it PLEASE
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    what is black arrow for?? xbox 360?? i want 2 try it out... it sounds really good
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    for orginal xbox atm we are trying to get the remake for the 360 so we can play online again try it out son if u want to system link on it MSG me on GT phantom xp, ill explain how we can.
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    yes dude i want to know how.. do u have facebook or yahoo messenger?? if neither email me at tell me how 2 do this, where i can get AV;s and a controller also and the game lol..
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    I always talk about how BA had the coolest clan options. Really made you feel like you were really competing. I loved the scheduling and the reminders of your matches, it was just so real and raw. I started playing xbox live on Ghost recon then did Counter Strike and then fell in absolute love with Rainbow 6 and then even more in love with Black Arrow. Please make a remake or a BA/RB6oldschool inspired game.
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    bring black arrow back!! and also guys I host black arrow games we only have like 3 people we need more if you would like to play right from your xbox 360 with a computer program called xbox connect please email me and we can get some matches !
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    Bring Black Arrow Back!!!

    Originally Posted by THSF.PPINO Go to original post
    Hello all!!!
    here is the Official Petition to bring back or make a game like RAINBOW SIX 3 & BLACK ARROW

    WE WANT A NEW VERSION of RAINBOW SIX 3 a suit of BLACK ARROW would be what we looking for
    or maybe a RE-RELEASE of Rainbow six 3 or Black Arrow in high-def...

    i want everyone who post here to be Mature and respectfull!!! dont be afraid to spread the word to all your friends to make are voices even louder also make sure with your vote you add a COMMENT...

    PLZ UBISOFT listen to us the GAMERS we are a large community who want this to happend and beleive me we will spread the word to make are DREAM come true!!!

    THSF_PPINO RAINBOW SIX veterant since 2004

    Thank you !!!

    I second this even today!!!!!! Just played Black Arrow today, of course not online! Boo!! Greatest games ever! Ppino, this is Threat x! I still have the same gamertag ThReAt X
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    I have no idea what Ubi Soft is doing. I agree with everyone who has loved Black Arrow it was the greatest online game ever made for a FPS. Ubi soft's way of managing clans, leaderboards, was top notch. I bet if Ubi Soft re-released black arrow for 360, even if you did not update the graphics, gameplay etc, it would take all the great players off of COD and put them on RS3 BA. I am very disappointed Ubi Soft no longer supports the original BA servers. This game was a gold mine for Ubi Soft. BA I miss you! COD is nothing compared to you! Please bring this back, as well as the way of managing the clans. Do not change it anyway! .. Also RS Vegas was horrible. Do not ever produce or make a game that bad again, bring back the original style. I still got my BA title sitting with my 360 games.. it feels so lonely. It wants to breath out of the case. Make it happen! 2012 is the year to do this.
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    And Rainbow Six Lockdown?

    Rainbow Six 3,Blackarrow And Lockdown Why not? HD
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    Rainbow Six 3 was the very first online game i ever played.... its the reason why i got hooked to online gaming. The strategic aspect around the game, communication, positioning, etc. Now a Days games are to cheap, NO SKILLS WHATSOEVER REQUIRED.. you pretty much camp the whole time, get some stupid kill streaks and the game does the rest of the work. They dont make games how they used to Rainbow six 3 and rainbow six blackarrow set a bar so high that the only way to top it is to recreate it exactly how it was but in high definition. Im sure we'd all appreciate it a great deal... Ill even consider buying 10 copies myself to help meet the demand. REVIVE RAINBOW SIX BLACKARROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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