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    Well the other day i started the game again and yesterday was on my way to Jerusalem , i went through the big stone arches things that bring up the menu of where you want to go and obviously i clicked Jerusalem.

    Then the loading screen with the woman saying a random tip , as usual , but after 5 minutes it was still up , so i left it for half an hour ! and it was still there.

    Anyone have any ideas as to why this may be? , because the disc was fine and no problem with the Ps3.
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    have you tried it again or maby you should go to the kingdom first and then walk to jerusalem instead of teleporting.
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    Thanks for the advice , i will try that and post back results.

    Thanks again.
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    Well i took your advice and tried it but it still won`t let which is strange because the disc is in perfect condition and all the other games play perfect on my Ps3 so it can`t be the console.
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    Very pleased to say it`s working now . Thanks Soesa
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