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    Two of my buddies cannot join a session that involves either of them.

    Both can join my session, but not together - as soon as one does the other can't. They dont have the same CD key, and I've played with both of them before. Both are patched - only difference is that one bought retail and the other off Steam.

    Everyone is on PCs. Also they cannot join each others session, but I can join both of theirs.

    Anyone know why this is happening or have a fix for this?
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    maybe in about 1000 years?
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    have the same problem here, exept we all have the steam game.

    EDIT - Tested with hamachi and now me and my friend can see eachothers games but still cant join them, my third friend can join us both
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    I and two friends of me have the exact same problem as Inbisco described.
    Please help...
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    We just have to wait for patch 3 or 4 that fixes MP and yes I have it 2.

    I think everybody has it. 1 time I came into a 2 playermap but then i was kicked out so zero times.

    2 times in a 3 playermap but you have only one map so its boring

    and about 10 times in 4 player map you have the most chance with 4 players. So try it or you can always make a map yourself, but know for the others they have the same problem so it could take long to come in. 4 player maps are the best.

    I heard there´s 5 player map and a few other maps can you put in a code to obtain them ingame?
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    Well....after the latest updates still no succes here. Is there anybody with more luck?
    This is very frustrating, the only reason I bought this game was to play it with 2 friends of my. We still had no chance to do this so far.
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    Seriously!! this have to be fixed! ASAP
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    new patch! and no fix!

    what is this? a joke?
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    Please look into your Nat settings, They should be open and NOT strict. (google for it)
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    I have opened these ports

    TCP 13000-13005

    UDP 3544

    I got them from this thread.http://forums.ubi.com/eve/forums/a/t...8/m/4161060548

    But as the thread says, still the same problem
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