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    Thanks to Geiger for making this thread happen!!

    This forum is for discussions,pictures,stories,etc,etc of WWII History. Please keep discussions flame free and keep an open mind while replying here.

    *Due to this being a Historical forum I will allow just about all WWII images here.Please keep it appropriate when it comes to the images..extremely graphic pictures will of course be subject to possible removal of links.I do understand that war isn't pretty.

    As much as it would disappoint me and obviously the poster of such images...this is not our forum and we do have to draw the line somewhere. I think you members that do know your history will understand*

    This could be subject to change in the future.

    Enjoy guys..this one is for you!

    NOTE: I will be closing this as soon as it is enabled for this forum...
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    No problem ninja Jet. You found this before I was done setting it up :P.

    Enjoy all.
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    wooot...great to hear the BIA forums are finally gettin under way
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