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    I found this pic over in the forums at the german driver fansite www.planet-driver.de and thought I want to share it with you:

    So... what do you think of it?
    For me... San Francisco doesn't seem THAT BIG as I expected. But who knows. Maybe it's just a matter of portraying an incorrect width of the roads (which is in fact the case on every map).

    Thus SIZE DOESN'T always MATTER.
    At least I found NYC in DPL much too huge or at least less diverse.
    Same for OAHU in Test Drive Unlimited. The island was REALLY HUGE but in fact rather boring and had various repetitive sourroundings.
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    Nice find- looks pretty good, not all that much countryside though is it? And it looks like it's just begging for boats...
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    Looks good. In the Comeback Trailer theres a shot of the Challenger driving across the Golden Gate and you can see the SF skyline, the city looks MASSIVE.

    Boats, planes, and motorcycles!
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    I think it looks big enough not to drive by the same place in a single play-through but not huge enough to remove detail and look repetitive.

    I think it looks just about right in terms of size.

    Oh and maybe the map may look like that because it's zoomed all the way up so the roads appear smaller than they really are in the game.
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    They have said obviously that they can't map exactly all of San Fran and things are generic in places,But major landmarks are all there.
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    ^Yeah, Martin said that they compressed the long driving roads and made them smaller and with wider roads, but he emphasizes that the landmarks and the general San francisco will be there so that's the good thing. It will be almost instantly recognisable.
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    I was kinda disapointed to hear about the wider roads, but we'll see how it plays, might be necesary at least for multiplayer. Takes more skills to run from the cops on a two lane road
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    Nice map, thanks.

    I'd like to unlock the countryside of Marin County asap. I hope there's dirt roads not indicated on the map.

    It's true, that bigger doesn't mean better, provided the existing map is a good size with plenty of variety in roads and freeways. The less flat terrain, the more exciting the chases can be.
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    Ubisoft should have just used Google Maps.
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    a new released artwork showing san francisco:

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