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    Apart from the limited Y axis camera tilt and finicky mouse camera movement, I am enjoying the game now. Mainly because turning off mouse scrolling improved the experience.

    Also, the crashes I got a few times last night in the first lava level don't occur anymore (maybe the reboot did it).

    So overall, I appreciate the developers' work in this game and find the dynamic nature of gameplay original and refreshing.

    However, the fact remains that Ubisoft's policy with the PC release is seriously damaging the game's reputation. To rectify this, they need to:

    1. Improve the controls: Add option to seperate cursor movement from camera movement and increase Y axis tilt threshold.

    2. Remove the ludicrous 30 FPS cap. Not to mention add some basic graphics customization options and option to skip cutscenes.

    3. Remove the incredibly redundant Ubi launcher login. Apparently, they either blatantly lied about this online DRM or someone didn't read their memo. Either way, unacceptable.

    Game would be great in my book if this happens. Don't ignore the people who support you, Ubisoft.
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    Fair enough
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