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    I have all the trophies for AC2 except for Fly swatter, this is even more frustrating than finding those feathers because now i have to REPLAY the entire game, which i am doing. I just want them to patch this to where i can replay missions at my leisure like at the end of the first one. Kinda cuts down on the replay value if you ask me
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    I agree, got the same problem. its really annoying......
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    Doubt that they would patch in something like that, and it sucks that the only missable trophy is one that can only be earned more than half way through the game.

    If you are a trophy hunter, I would suggest using sites like PS3trophies.org (or xbox360achievements.org for multiplatform games - they are much more active in filling out their database) to see which trophies are missable (they will usually have them listed and detailed).
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    Yeah it was rather annoying. Luckily I was able to find it out BEFORE I got to the mission. I can't believe they overplayed the 'flying machine' when you only used it once...but the story makes sense out of it somehow.
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    Hi, i might be late with answering but this topic was posted this morning.
    I just joined forums to answer on this topic.
    Please look here for answers why you can't replay missions.
    Regards, Akssz.

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