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    Hi, I hope someone will know how to help me. I have Riven from the Myst Trilogy edition, and I can't install it on my new computer running Windows 7 64-bit. I've tried running setup in compatibility mode, but I just keep getting an error about running it on a 64-bit system:

    "The version of this file is not compatible with the version of Windows you're running. Check your computer's system information to see whether you need an x86 (32-bit) or x64 (64-bit) version of the program, and then contact the software publisher".

    Does anyone know a way around this? I really want to play my game I truly appreciate any insight or solutions.
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    Welcome to the Forums!

    In general,
    1. Install Riven to your C: drive.
    -- a. Be certain that Riven saves its game progress files to your C: drive.
    -- b. If you have a very small C: that's reserved for system files only, install Riven to D:. Be certain that Riven saves its game progress files to D:.
    2. Start Riven from a fresh boot.
    -- a. Reboot, log into Windows with full Administrator privileges (NOT into a Limited User or Power User account), and close all open applications.
    -- b. Disable all anti-virus/spyware/adware/pop-up programs running in the background.
    -- c. If you have only a software firewall, do NOT disable it.
    -- d. Do NOT run any other programs before starting Riven.
    3. Never boot up with a disc in any disc drive.
    4. If the Riven CD autostarts when inserted into the drive, cancel back to the Desktop.
    5. Always start Riven with the Desktop shortcut/start icon, NOT from the CD menu.

    Riven is a 32-bit program. Depending on the capabilities of your PC, running Riven with Win 7 64-bit may result in problems like choppy video and/or sound, random black frames, lockups, etc. This is because of the significant additional processing overhead required to run 32-bit software in 64-bit mode.


    1. Update your video, sound, and mouse (or touchpad/mouse) drivers to the latest 64-bit versions from your PC manufacturer's website. (Be certain to download the 64-bit versions and NOT the 32-bit!) Don't automatically assume that you already have the latest drivers because your machine is new.

    2. Run the Program Compatibility troubleshooter, and *carefully* use it to install Riven. See Make older programs run in this version of Windows for details, especially "If you cannot install a program, insert the installation disc for the program and, using the troubleshooter...."
    -- a. As a first pass, under "Which version of Windows did this program work on before?" select Windows 95 > Next. If that doesn't help, start again and select Windows 98 / Windows Me.
    -- b. You can also make compatibility setting changes manually. Click on <span class="ev_code_blue">> To change compatibility settings manually</span>, and read through all of the options. Various combinations of options are usually necessary.

    3. If you have Windows 7 Professional, Ultimate, or Enterprise (but not Windows 7 Home Premium), install Riven while running in Windows XP Mode. See Windows Virtual PC (aka "What is Windows XP Mode?") and Download Windows XP Mode for details.
    -- a. To use Windows XP Mode, you must turn on hardware virtualization in your PC's BIOS. See Windows Virtual PC, Support: Configure BIOS. Note the Sample instructions for your PC at the bottom of the page.
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    Hi. Thank you so much for your quick and detailed response! I really appreciate it. However, I have already checked to see that I have the latest drivers and have tried running the setup in compatibility mode for Windows 98, 98, and XP. I'm sure the setup would work just fine if I had Windows 7 32-bit, but the problem is getting the setup to start at all with 64-bit Home Premium. Do you have any other ideas? Do you know of anyone who has been able to run Riven with the same OS?
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    I'm going to try using Microsoft Virtual PC with Windows 95 installed on a virtual disk. I'll post how it goes in case someone else has the same problem. Apparently others have had success.
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    i have win7 ultimate 64bit. would not install on the c drive. however, i have XP mode running and i was able to install riven on there ok and have started the game without any problems. what i need to know is where i can get the games after riven. we are in a small town in nebraska... charlie
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    Yeah, Windows XP Mode is only available in Windows 7 Professional and higher; I only have Home Premium. But it's a part of Virtual PC, so I just have to try a few extra steps to get it to work...

    You can get the rest of your games on Amazon.com, or just about anywhere on the Internet. Try searching.
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    i thought windows home premium could download the vitual XP and install it... i do know virtual XP is a 32 bit program. i was reading on the board about changing disks. i will try that method and see if i can eliminate changing disks. charlie
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    With Windows 7 Home Premium, you can download and install Windows Virtual PC. However, Windows XP Mode wont' work. You just get a pop-up message saying it's not supported on your version of Windows. So, you have to install a valid copy of Windows XP yourself on Virtual PC. I decided to try and install Windows 95 on it instead since the game would run much better with it, but I couldn't get it to work. A lot of forums recommended Sun VirtualBox instead, which I'm currently experimenting with but still having some problems getting Windows 95 on. I just borrowed a copy of XP Professional that I'm going to try if it doesn't work out. If not, my boyfriend recommends Daemon Tools or something like that; apparently he got some soccer game to run on it once. Wow, this is turning out to be quite the process!
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    i do have the winXP professional also. used to be a network engineer for a small high school in my working years... i got so enthused about riven now and i have all the disks on the hard drive so i don't have to switch anymore so that is a good think. i am trying to find out if the tenth anniversary edition has the original myst and the next one after riven. and i want the others after that. i think there are 5 in all. i like riven because it makes me think and i don't have to get all excited about combat or stuff like that... charlie
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    The 10th Anniversary Edition will get you a couple more games, yes. I'm not sure if it has the original Myst or the Masterpiece Edition, though. I have both (Masterpiece came with the Myst Trilogy, but I've had the original since it first came out!). I think there are five Myst games, but there's also Uru which is sort of a part of it. If you look up Myst, they tend to include it in the chronology, making it more like six games. But I don't really know, because I can't get Riven installed! I'm glad to hear you've got it working now, though. I finally got Windows 95 installed on VirtualBox, and as it was starting up for its first use, it hit an error and doesn't work at all now. It just says the disk is invalid and to replace it. I can't even get a DOS screen back. Well, I might just have to try again with XP Professional. If you can get it to work in XP mode, then I guess I should just give up on Windows 95. I'll try again tonight after work.
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