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    Woohoo!! Will the adventures never stop for FC2 PC gamers? Thank you Ubisoft for making my playing experience soo bad that I can't EVEN ****ING PLAY THE GAME LET ALONE START THE DAMN THING!! First there was that securom bug, I could kinda stand that, emailed securom they sent me the .exe file to fix this. I thought I was FINALLY going to play this game, so now what happens?? I get the splash screen and then the ****ing BSOD happens!

    Thank you Ubisoft. It's been ****ing fun so far. The LEAST you could do is assure us of a patch of some sort even if it is the ****ing weekend.

    And yes, I do meet the requirements-
    Intel Core 2 Duo
    Nvidia 7950GX2 with the latest 178.24 driver.
    2GB RAM
    Windows XP SP3
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    I haven't heard of anybody having BSOD.
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    well actually i have posted on here with the exact same problem, bsod after the splash screen....although it does not happen anymore now it just plain does not load up after splash screen.

    i meet recommended specs

    I hope a patch is as quick to come out as ubi were to dissapear for the weekend
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    They should of delayed the release a week. That would of at least ensured SecuROM works and the huge amount of glitches and bugs
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    I'm having problems with BSOD's as well. Not when starting the game, but rather in-game when I try go grab syrette's. I'd say there's a 60-70% chance I get a BSOD when I try to grab it. Sometimes it works fine, but most of the time I get a huge BSOD...which su*ks
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